The Perfect Necklace For Your Face Type

There are some necklaces that are appropriate for your face shape and there are those that will not work. Read on to know which ones are best for your face type.

If you are just starting out to experiment with the many necklaces designs and types in the market today, you can attest to the fact that getting the appropriate one for any event is not an easy task. This is particularly the case when trying to find out which necklace-earring pair will work best for your face type. In most cases, this doubt is not as a result of the lack of knowledge on necklaces and their designs. As a matter of fact, it occurs because many people do not know which necklace type is perfect for their faces. Many stylists will consider the shape of your face, the length of your neckline and the outfit you are wearing when select the most appropriate necklace for you. You may not be aware of this, but there are six main face shapes and each of them has varying requirements, with regards to necklace choices. The following information will help you discern the right necklace for your face shape.

Rectangular /Oblong Faces

In such faces, the width of the cheekbones, the chin and the forehead is almost the same. However, the face may be longer than it is wide. The features on rectangular faces may be angular, sharp or even curved and soft. Regardless of the case, ladies with such faces should get a necklace that will make the long vertical line appear shorter and make the length of the face appear shorter as well. With regards to the length of the necklace, a princess, collar or choker necklace will do. Additionally, you may wear a circular neck wire or necklace that does not have bold or heavy focal components.

Circular Faces

Round faces are generally curved and soft, featuring an equal distance all round. In most cases, the nose will be the central point in such faces and the features are soft, sharp or angular and curved. If this is the shape of your face, you should opt for a necklace that will lengthen the appearance of the face. In such a case, the appropriate necklaces will be the looping and long types. Such a necklace will attract eyes downwards, hence making the face appear longer.

Square Face

This face shape features a rather strong jaw line and the width of the face is almost the same at the cheekbones, forehead and the chin. If this is the shape of your face, it is advisable to wear a necklace that will soft the angles on the face. Such necklaces will create an impression that the jaw line and the forehead are narrower, while lengthening the appearance of the face at the same time.  Some of the appropriate necklace types for square faces include matinee, princess and opera. Additionally, you should also opt for focal components or pendants that feature swirls and curves for such faces.

Selecting the appropriate necklaces for various outfits and occasions can turn out to be a daunting task. The tips mentioned above will help you settle on the right necklace, depending on the shape of your face.

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