The Perfect Fit: How To Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Deciding to get married is one of the most wonderful, exciting things that can happen in someone’s life. And right at the start of it all is that one special thing: the ring. That outward sign to the world that you’re ready to tie the knot! And, let’s face it, it has to be perfect. No-one wants to walk around with a ring that they hate on their finger, do they? The other thing is that you don’t want it to be just any ring. This is one of the biggest things that you’ll ever do; you want it to be unique and individual. Your engagement ring should be something that represents the unique bond between you and your partner. So a lot of people have taken to designing their own ring. If the bespoke approach appeals to you, then here are some tips on designing your very own engagement ring.

Pick your stone

engagement ring

Image From Wikimedia

Now, the traditional approach would tell you that you’ve got to go with a diamond. And, let’s be honest, it’s a classic for a reason! If that’s the direction you want to go, then you can buy loose diamonds in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your personal taste. If you’re interested in something a little different, or your budget doesn’t quite stretch to diamonds, then there are lots of other options available. You could choose your birthstone or even a ring that combined yours and your partner’s. If you wanted to you could decorate the main stone with smaller diamonds, just to get that traditional quality in their without breaking the bank. The great thing about designing your own band is that you have freedom to base it around whatever you like.


Once you’ve got your rock all picked out, you’ve got to decide how it is that you’re going to set it. Think about your lifestyle. Are you an active, outdoorsy type? Then a lower setting might be better. But if you prefer to really show off your style and you want everyone to see it, then why not go for a really high profile setting! Again, the choice is completely up to you!

Choose the band

engagement ring

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A lot of people focus so heavily on the jewel that they forget about the ring itself. You a have few choices here, but the most common are gold and platinum. Think about your personal style as well as the jewel you’ve chosen. If you prefer warm shades then gold might be best, but if your style and the jewel go better with cooler hues then platinum is probably your best bet.

You might be thinking, “wait! Why am I the one doing this?” Well, why not! It’s the Twenty-first century, after all; there’s nothing wrong with having a hand in designing your own engagement ring! There’s something wonderful about going through this process along with your partner to make sure that it’s perfect. (Though you might want to leave the proposal up to them.

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