The Party Must Go On


While Australia is considered to have some of the nicer climates compared with other places around the world, it is very difficult when planning a major outdoor event or party, to be able to trust the weather to completely cooperate. It doesn’t take a great deal of rain to come down to have the guests deciding they would prefer to be somewhere else, and very few are overly happy about sitting under a blazing sun with no shade, for too long either. Obviously it is possible to hold your event indoors, though renting a property large enough, and with all of the required associated equipment can become very costly, a key reason why the marquee is such a popular option. A marquee or two enables you to combine the best of both worlds, an outdoor area for the kids to play, or general socializing, with a covered seating area for everyone to be able to sit down to eat in comfort, or to serve drinks, regardless of the weather.

Excellent Versatility

Marquees for parties come in just about every size imaginable and can be erected just about anywhere, provided there is sufficient space. It doesn’t matter if you need it erected on the lawn, on the driveway, or even the street outside, with the requisite permission of the local authorities of course. The interior can be set up for formal dining, with sound system and lighting for a disco, or any other type of event you can think of. They can be erected and dismantled in very short order, with your marquee hire provider generally able to also provide for you any and all of the required extras, from tables and chairs to catering equipment and even the entertainment.

Reasons to Use a Marquee

As a marquee can be set up pretty much anywhere, it is a great option when you are having a party in which a specific location has special meaning. Hence a wedding reception or anniversary party can be held at the precise spot where the marriage proposal was first made, or any other special location and individual memory. End of season sports clubs can erect one right out there on the playing field if the clubhouse is a little too small for everyone to fit inside comfortably.

Great Atmosphere

Once the marquee is erected, you essentially have a blank canvas upon which you can add your decoration, in order to stylise the interior exactly how you want it to generate the right theme. People generally enjoy the outdoor nature of a party with a marquee, as they are able to combine the enjoyment of fresh air, with the ability to step in and out of the party as they wish. Obviously if the weather goes against you, the party is still able to continue, with everyone assured of being able to stay warm and dry.

The Economics

There is no doubt that financially, renting a marquee for an event makes very good sense, costing a fraction of the price of renting a property. It is also scalable, so if you suddenly find yourself at the last minute, with greater numbers attending than you had originally assumed, an extension is as simple as a single phone call, with subsequent extra costs negligible compared with what you might incur trying the same thing with a building. The marquee truly is a party’s best friend.

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