The New Hair Straightening Iron By Olyvya

With Blacc you can finally achieve perfectly styled hair at home, that looks like a 100 dollar salon blow out!

I’ve been straightening my hair for a while and my hair became really dry because of it no matter what type of straightener I used. I also tried a chemical treatment to keep my hair straight for a while although the results where great I noticed it is not the best treatment when it comes to keeping hair healthy.

Hair straightner with less hair breakage
That’s why I’m so excited to introduce The New, Hair Straightening Iron By Olyvya a hair straightener that styles your hair with less hair breakage. This is definitely the best alternative compared to normal straighteners and chemical treatments. Because of the ultrasonic nano titanium technology  with the steam hair  straightening function your hair becomes silky and smooth and it reduces frizziness. Watch the demo video below:

Keratin refill treatment
The Blacc by Olyvya straightner has a  3.7 ml reservoir for keratin treatment. You can use a water blended keratin refill such as Olyvya keratin infusion pills or K3 Keratin refull and also Argan vaporKeratin infuses your hair while straightening at the same time you only need to straighten one time over each section of hair it makes your hair super soft super silky and not frisky in 15 minutes straighten + treatment. You can get the Blacc by Olyvya hair straightening iron on Amazon

Fast results
If you don’t want to stand in front of the mirror for hours to get your hair ready The Blacc by Olyvya straightner is a great choice. It reaches up to 375F in just one minute. It has a soft rubber grip and easy to use steam function that will achieve a fast result.


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