The New Face of Men

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Guys you know at work or at play can indulge themselves with new technologies for viewing, driving, and listening. Advances in technology have also improved their contact lenses, repaired their hair loss, and enhanced their appearance. Modern men are more than just installers of modern bathroom vanities, sinks, and faucets on the weekend, but creatures as obsessed with their looks as women.

Why bother with facial treatments?

Megan Willett, writing for Business Insider, quotes the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) that reported “the number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased by more than 106% between 1997 and 2012.”

They may be simply dissatisfied with their looks, need to correct some facial injury or disfigurement, or want to stay competitive in the job market. The sun causes damage as do disease, accident, and injury. In any case, more men are taking charge of their looks with plastic surgery and/or dermatological regimens.

What do men do?

“Rhinoplasty” is the official name for nose-job. It alters the nose to bring harmony and symmetry to the patient’s facial structure. The operation might broaden or narrow the bridge of the nose, reshape the tip of the nose, eliminate visible bumps on the nose profile, and more.

A Forehead or Brow Lift makes patients look younger with a wrinkle removing lift of the forehead that also pulls up the tissues around the eyes and eyebrows. It turns a frown into a smile by perking up the look and removing horizontal creases.

More men risk Rhytidectomy (Face Lift) to restore their appearance, reclaim their youth, or repair some dissatisfaction. It’s a significant surgery to correct sagging, jowls, turkey neck, and other features changed by redistribution of facial fat, loose skin, and sagging muscles.

Julio Garcia, MD., a Las Vegas plastic surgeon, believes “any facial plastic surgery – including a facelift – should be rejuvenating and beautifying while still looking natural.” So, depending on the patient’s problems, he might recommend less aggressive treatments like dermabrasion, facial peels, or lifts to neck, chin, or brows.

Otoplasty adjusts ears patients perceive as protruding. The surgery sets the ears back and closer to the head and/or molds and shapes the ear by removing cartilage. Resizing or repositioning the ears has a significant impact on anyone’s perceived appearance.

Men also pursue Gynecomastia or Breast Reduction surgery once their excess breast development has stabilized. They may also consider Liposuction to redefine body shape in men who suffer from pockets of stubborn fat in certain areas.

Abdominoplasty tucks the tummy by removing belly fat that defies diet and exercise. With aging, skin and muscle loses its elasticity. Or, men might seek their doctor’s advice to calendar a strategy to combine treatments that reshape body contours.

Men need more.

Men need non-surgical skin care for many reasons. GQ reports on seven treatments men are looking for in 2017. Laser resurfacing can repair lasting damage from acne. Gels, creams, and fillers can correct dark eye shadows.

Prescription topicals calm skin redness and rosacea. Laser treatments can remove hair where men are prone to irritating ingrown hairs. Other procedures shrink pores enlarged in aging skin, sunspots, and back acne.

Some of this increased activity on the part of men is vanity, of course. Contemporary men feel entitled to that decision. But, most of their choices are medically and psychologically justified. This is the new face of men in this world.

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