The Movies and TV Shows that Excite Us

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We all have different tastes when it comes to the movies and TV shows that we like. It can also depend on who we are watching them with. That is whether we are alone, with a romantic date, or with family members of all ages. It is then good to discover services such as to help us find everyone’s movie and TV interests.

During this article, we will look to explore not new worlds but the genres that we have to choose between when looking for movies. Also, how a certain year will be associated with a certain iconic movie. Although, it does not matter which year that was because we can still get to watch it.

Popular Genres

Genres trending with movies will include those related particularly to action, fantasy, and sci-fi. Many will remember the Marvel superheroes from the past and then follow them into the present day. That is in terms of their movie release date not necessarily when the movie was set.

A popular superhero and one that has been introduced to a whole new generation is Batman. We must go back to 2008 for the date that The Dark Knight was released. This crossed over the genres of action, adventure, crime, and thriller. Therefore, it appeals to so many different people.

Any movie that appeals to the whole family, although this batman adventure is darker in content, will have a wider appeal. Moviemakers will look to have their movie rated with as low a certificate as possible to make it available to a greater audience. With streaming, it is for parents to control what their children will watch at home. You can have that control when you have looked up a movie in advance from a guide before everyone has started to watch it.

Recently Released Movies

There is no doubt that Covid has affected cinema movie releases, but we have, in the meantime, had the choice of all the previously released movies that we can catch up on through streaming, and those that are only streamed. It has been a time when people have reviewed the way that they watch movies. It has become convenient to stream movies to homes rather than consider a cinema release for them. It is a cost-effective way for many families to watch movies at their leisure and in greater numbers without putting up the costs further.

One of the latest moves to be released at the time of writing was Hotel Transylvania. This movie is based on Wallachia, the town the real Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, was born. This is part of a series. In the first film, Martha, Mavis’s mother, was killed by the mob in 1895 and then the hotel was opened in 1898. This is a horror movie and one that will also appeal to those into fantasy and history as a genre. There is action and adventure too.

It is good when a movie crosses over many genres because it will then appeal to a wider group of people. Dracula goes beyond the Gothic and is a mythical anti-hero people love to find out more about through a fictional setting such as a movie or book. It was in 1897 that Bram Stoker’s horror story Dracula first appeared in print and there has been a fascination with the character ever since. Many will seek out movies and TV shows that are related to this genre to satisfy their taste for this kind of viewing rather than blood. If you love horror movies is a great place to find them. They also feature upcoming horror movie news, reviews, and trailers, and you can easily find movies by date.

TV Shows We Love to Watch

The beauty of TV shows that are available to stream is that we can watch modern shows or those that we remember from the past. We no longer have to seek out DVD box sets and have these clutter up our home, we can stream the TV shows from the past as well as the present whenever the mood takes us.

We can watch vintage TV shows such as Only Fools and Horses or Fawlty Towers. These are both comedies. Who can forget the way Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses fell sidewards through the bar area when he was not paying attention? Then the face on Trigger as he looked around to see where his friend had gone? Alternatively, the way that Basil Fawlty would treat Manuel, the hotel waiter, and the regular chaos that would ensure every episode. It is a shame only 12 episodes were ever made of this show. We can now enjoy them all through streaming, whether or not we are old enough to have remembered the series which originally ran on BBC2 from 1975 until 1979.  

More recently, Game of Thrones captured everyone’s attention. It ran on TV from 2011 to 2019 and featured some very controversial themes. It can be found in a genre-based guide by following the genres of action, adventure, or drama.

It is good to know that there are ways such as Flixboss to discover the movies and TV shows that we remember and to also make sure that we are seeing the more recent ones before they have a chance to pass us by and become yesterdays’ movies and TV shows.

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