The “Mother Earth” Of Your Domain: Living An Ethical Lifestyle

Ethical Lifestyle

How do you feel about your life in general? Do you feel you’re doing enough to benefit the planet, or are you feeling anxious about the way Mother Earth is handling things? We can all do a little bit more to benefit our planet, but the best place to begin is in yourself. So, in terms of living an ethical lifestyle, are there simple changes you can make to benefit everything around you?

Purchasing fairtrade and ethical products

If you don’t purchase any ethical products, this is the perfect place to begin. If you don’t read the labels of the food you buy, or the makeup products you use, then how do you know if the items you have are ethical? There are so many companies out there now that operate from an ethical standpoint, from Waterlilies And Company who provide skin care products, to Grumpy Mule who provide fair trade coffee. Take that little bit more time in the supermarket to look at where your products come from, and if they are ethically sourced.

Know your carbon footprint

If you don’t know your own personal impact on the planet, this is another excellent way to become more mindful of your own effects on Mother Earth. There are carbon footprint calculators available online, but there are little things you can do to help reduce it some more. Public transport is going to reduce CO2 emissions every time you choose not to drive your car, you can make a conscious effort to reduce your electricity use, but also if you are a meat eater, cut back when and where you can. The meat industry is responsible for nearly one fifth of the greenhouse gas emissions. So even if you abstained from meat for just one day a week, this would offset the balance in other areas.

Do your research

While you may have made the decision to live an ethical lifestyle, do you know exactly how to go about this? While you can do simple things at home, having a wider knowledge of the world, and what goes on, is a responsibility for anybody choosing to lead an ethical existence. There are so many fantastic documentaries available on Netflix, but there are some fantastic books out there, and all you have to do now is go online and find a handful of websites that speak to you. By going on various news sources, you can get a balanced opinion, such as opposing sides on a specific situation.

Give more

We all have difficulties with finances, of course. But, if you can open your eyes to what’s going on around you, and start to help in a local sense, either by volunteering at a homeless shelter, or just by giving a beggar on the street some money, this is going to help breed change. We are inherently selfish now, and it’s not hard to see why, but if you adopted the Bill Hicks approach of feeding and clothing all of the world’s poor, it would pay for itself many times over, and we could all explore outer space together.

Living an ethical lifestyle is a duty we should all aspire to. Let’s start now.

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