The Most Luxurious Australian Fashion Week Resort 2018 Vibes

fashion week

Mere days ago, one more exquisite presentation of Aussie fashion has wrapped up in the spirit of innovation and authenticity. It was five days of intoxicating beauty, and what better way to make the most of their delivery than to do our best to immediately incorporate their designs into our own style?

These fashion week collections will have you quivering with excitement due to the sheer variety of pastels, without abandoning color-blocking for effect, textured fabrics and funky layers to keep the chills at bay. Let’s take a look at some of this season’s highlights with which you can imbue your look in a matter of moments.

Long is sexy


Although the transparency trend and form-fitting cuts that emphasize your lovely curves are still in full swing, this particular show has presented a line of beautiful, delicate, but also incredibly comfortable dresses of full length. Fear not, ladies, minis in your wardrobe still have their designated spot in your style, but this time, opting for a bit more fabric may just be the best way to enjoy the upcoming months.

For instance, Lee Mathews presented a crisp white selection of dresses that managed to maintain their modesty while still exuding sensuality. Then there were soft brown dresses as well as elegant black ones to follow, while other designers added patterns such as florals for an even more luxe effect.

The moody blues and other pastels


As we’ve seen in the other major fashion week collections across the globe, a range of pastel colors has been the go-to favorite for the majority of designers. But we are not talking about the dull and monotonous series of beige that used to be the only pastel known to humankind. On the contrary, Australia has shown a strong preference for bolder forms of creamy hues that bring more exotic, interesting shades into the game.

Inspired by all the shades of fruity ice-creams from lime, lavender all the way to pretty in pink, pastels ruled the runways from head to toe, even when colliding with one another in apparent dissonance. Pairing these unusual hues was the most delicious thing presented, as once you see the peachy pinks and whites even on classy suits, you’ll understand how you can add a touch of elegance to your outfits with color alone.

Make way for florals


Could there be a more beautiful way to brighten up your rainy days than with some perky florals? It seems that this boho look has a way to be a part of every season every year, whether it’s the already established retro couch florals, or the more abstract petal-inspired pieces. Alongside shimmering pieces and beloved mesh, florals are the epitome of timeless festival clothing that can be worn in any season.

This is where both simplicity and a rainbow of colors can both deliver an extraordinary effect, as even monochrome, textured florals with a touch of lace can be that detail that proves how a little can go a long way. Then again, rich hues for florals in full bloom are for the boldest among you who are eager to find an effortless way to introduce more color into their luxury look.

Empowered minimalism


Once more, the laid-back Aussie vibe finds its way into the high-end realms of fashion, this time with the alluring collection by the Pereira Fitzgerald duo, whose debut has certainly left people in awe. Showing how less can be more with the right cuts and shades, this minimalist set of feminine pieces blends power with femininity – and uses the best of both to build a truly authentic ensemble.

A single striped shirt designed with deconstruction in mind suddenly brings stability to a look – isn’t that a paradox worth wearing? Transparent tanks, subdued sunset orange for added warmth, and a wide array of asymmetrical cuts seamlessly flow into a single upscale direction.

Oriental with a modern twist


Last, but most certainly not the least prominent was the Camilla Franks collection of Japanese-inspired pieces that showed a bold, colorful essence, intriguing cuts, and served as an homage to this extraordinary legacy of poise and elegance. Her creations were presented by ladies of all ages, as yet another hint of their imperishable beauty.

Her intricate, powerful kaftans were the spotlight of the show, and despite revealing her health struggles, these designs show a triumph of her love for life, and her passion for eternal beauty. These lush, colorful designs might have ancient roots, but their essence is a blend of contemporary, forward-looking fabrics and once again, beloved florals with an everlasting charm.


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