The Most Important Reasons Why Making a Dental Appointment is Necessary

dental appointments

If you’re like most people, dental appointments aren’t your favorite thing. However, remember that looking beautiful also includes having your smile at its very best and this isn’t possible if you put off visits to the dentist.

It’s possible that your oral health could suffer when you repeatedly put off dental appointments. It’s never a good idea to delay seeing a dentist for too long, as the consequences could be irreversible, such as the effects of gum disease. Advanced gum disease can also lead to the need for a full mouth reconstruction (FMR).

Here we run through some of the more important reasons why getting a dental appointment soon is a sensible decision.

Overcome Your Fears

The more fears we have that we let linger, the more chance we have of being paralyzed by them. Every time we say we’ll do something tomorrow (or next month) instead of today or right now… we set ourselves back.

As the classic book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” made readers aware, the best way through fear is to take action on what you fear doing. Doing this nullifies the fear once and for all rather than trying to tussle with it.

It’s true that dental anxiety is a real thing. Nevertheless, it’s important to not let it develop beyond a mere anxiety (which only means you’re worried about it) to the point where you’re a deer in headlights.

It’s Less Expensive Than You Probably Think

The cost of a dental appointment or a proper checkup with Apollonia Dental is not too expensive. From a routine inspection, the dentist professionally assesses the current state of your teeth. Remember, a dental checkup is an act of self-care.

A dentist definitely needs to know if you haven’t seen one for some time. It will help them know where to look for new problems. From there, they can suggest a course of action to provide excellent oral care to resolve teeth and gum matters.

It’s a good idea to get dental insurance. This spreads out the cost of the dentist rather needing to pay a substantial amount at the beginning. You can also divide up the dental work over a few months to make it more affordable. Also, sometimes there are several choices of different procedural options, each with their own set of prices. Therefore, you can discuss the different options with the dentist once they’ve performed the initial checkup and make a plan that suits you.

Tooth Cavities Develop Unseen Before Pain is Felt

It might surprise you to learn that tooth cavities develop silently and without any pain being felt. They eat away slowly at the tooth until it requires something more serious and costlier, like a root canal, to resolve it. If you are struggling with tooth cavities you need to know how to fix rotting teeth and establish an effective oral hygiene routine.

By getting a dental appointment regularly, the dentist can spot the early signs of a cavity developing even when you weren’t aware of it yet. They can then take preventative measures to avoid it continuing to cause deterioration in your teeth.

Avoid Procrastination Becoming a Habit

If you have a history of procrastination throughout your life and don’t wish getting a dental appointment to be the latest episode, avoid putting off making the appointment.

Know that putting off the appointment doesn’t come without serious consequences. Tooth decay can develop because the teeth weren’t cleaned property. Worse decay occurs when initial decay isn’t removed, and a filling put in to put a lid on it. Waiting longer with oral care is almost always a bad idea and creates a worse prognosis for you.

While you might think that this is just one more little thing that’s okay to procrastinate on, the reality is that once you have put off an appointment once, it quickly becomes a new avoidance habit. Eventually, the dentist’s team will stop chasing the follow-up appointment and you’re left to your own devices. Then it’s inevitable that your oral care will decline because brushing and flossing aren’t sufficient.

Gum Disease is Often Irreversible When Skipping Dental Appointments

Gum disease is one of the worst things that happens when skipping appointments. Gums require brushing just the same as teeth. If your toothbrush is too harsh for your gums, switch to a soft bristle toothbrush instead.

The sad news about gum disease is that once it sets in, the gums begin to recede and their ability to hold each tooth in place reduces. At a certain point, it becomes impossible to resolve and the remaining line of affected teeth must be removed. Gum disease is usually nonreversible. It can be halted in some cases, but not entirely resolved once it’s set in. This is one of the worst things that dentists see when a patient doesn’t visit them for months or years at a stretch.

Teeth Cleaning is Preventative

Oral health, when managed well, avoids many common problems with teeth and gums. This includes twice daily brushing and flossing regularly too.

Getting a regular teeth cleaning at the dentist means taking oral care to the next level. It strips out tartar build up which isn’t something a toothbrush or flossing can do alone. Tartar build up causes accelerated tooth decay. As a bonus, the paste used for polishing is effective in removing stubborn teeth stains to help bring an attractive smile back.

Missing Dental Appointments Means More Expensive Ones Later

You might think you’re being financially smart by putting off dental work until a later time, but that’s not the reality. Bigger oral complications will develop that are costlier to fix later. Procedures are more extensive and numerous as the number of teeth and gum problems add up. Ultimately, delaying appointments ends up costing more than if you were to have the work done sooner.

By making a dental appointment and not leaving it until another day, you’re voting for your health. This act of self-care is important in and of itself. Sometimes our actions are incongruent with others that we take, such as going to the gym regularly, tending to our grooming or dressing up to look our best. Seeing your dentist regularly needs to be part of this self-care package, otherwise we’re out of balance.

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