The Most Accurate Menopause Test

Women that are close to the age of 45 can be going through the menopause period. That is when they eventually stop having a menstrual period, and they become unable to have a child in the usual way. The menopause test gives a doctor the final answer about whether or not a woman has entered her menopause state.

However, most of the menopause tests are not age-sensitive. Some can give you wrong answers and make you eat hormones that you shouldn’t even touch. That is why it’s a good idea to know what a good menopause test should include and understand its qualities better. By reading this article, you will see the most explicit reasons you need to take a menopause test and take its results seriously.

Find the Ovaries Age

A good test should give you an approximate number of ovaries’ age. Sometimes women have ovaries that can produce eggs even when they are older than 50. On the other hand, there is no evidence that younger women cannot get pregnant because of their peri-menopause state. By any means, your menopause test should take a close look at your ovaries’ hormonal profile and ensure that they produce at least an egg ready to get fertilized once a month. That is when the menopause state could be banned, and you would be an active, productive woman.

Check Your Hormonal Profile

You should always use your menopause test as a reason to get more blood tests to check your hormonal profile. To get to the menopause age, you need to have several hormones showing that their secretion becomes less active month by month. The right doctor to check the hormones is the endocrinologist that is a different specialty from the Ob-gyn. That is why many women think they are in menopause without even bothering to check their blood hormones two months in a row. You will be amazed to find that you haven’t still entered the menopause state even though your menstrual cycle has been disrupted.

Make Sure You Are Still Sexually Active

If you are married or have a long-term relationship, you could be sexually alive till the end of your life. For that reason, it would be plausible to ask your partner if you are sexually active like the way you were in your 20ies. Then it is possible that you had a falsely positive menopause test, which indicates you are in the menopause state without actually being inside. If you feel like you need to have sex like in any other period of your life, then that’s a strong signal that your ovaries still work and your sexual drive is at the highest levels. Don’t trust any test before asking your sex partner about your sexual allure.

Increase Your Resistance to Sex Hormones

Many women start taking hormone pills to increase the resistance to sex hormones. That would be the result of a failed menopause test. You need to be very careful with hormones like estrogens since they have been said to promote cancer creation in your uterus or cervix. That is why many women are reluctant to enter the menopause age and take hormones to regulate their menstrual cycle. You have to discuss with your doctor and make sure you have the right patience to perform all checks and ensure you are in the menopause state.


A menopause test (either positive or negative) can give you more anxiety rather than satisfaction. You are the one that knows yourself better than anyone else. If you feel sexually active and attractive, you certainly are not entering the menopause state. Ensure that your doctor knows how you feel and only takes hormones after a medical prescription.

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