The Many Benefits of Triple Pane Glass Windows

triple pane

When choosing the right glass for your windows in the house to match your suitability, it is important to look at every aspect and pros and cons of each type of window glass. There are majorly three types of it, single glazed which is just one pane, double glazed means it has two panes and lastly triple glazed has three panes. We are going to be primarily discussing the triple pane glass and the benefits it has to offer to you. It is very important to know the exact purpose they serve and how can you be most benefited from it.

  1. Triple Pane Windows Contain more Gas

This might not look like a significant factor in words, but in performance, it does play a major role. Since there are two empty chambers between the three glasses, both the spaces can be filled with Argon or Krypton gas. This improves the energy performance of the windows by a significant margin. The Energy Rating (ER) of a window which is determined by various factors including heat gains and leakage losses is almost 20% higher for three-paned windows filled with Argon or Krypton compared with the double paned ones.

  1. More Energy Efficient

An extra pane of glass means an extra layer of Low-E (Low Emissivity) coating which helps in reflecting a certain band of short waved solar infrared, in turn, keeping the heat away. It is said to be more energy efficient as the in winters the heat trapped inside the house will not escape easily and in summers the heat will not enter the house easily. That would incur lesser power load on heaters and air conditioners in the respective scenarios and hence proving more energy efficient while saving those extra bucks too. The result is automatically reflected in the ER ratings of the window.

  1. Reduced Amounts of Noise

Energy efficiency and better ratings are all fine but the windows should also be of more use than just that. Triple-pane windows do just that by providing a good amount of soundproofing so that your neighbours are happy about your window too and do not have to indulge in your loud music forcefully. An addition of insulating glass units between the triple paned windows can add to more soundproofing. This also helps increase the efficiency and doesn’t just reduce noise. Spacers in a triple pane window too help in determining the distance between each pane to get the best amount of insulation.

  1. Reduced Condensation on Windows

The amount of condensation which can get very hard to remove on the windows is much lesser compared with that on single-glazed or double-glazed windows. Condensation occurs when the surface temperature of the inner side of the pane is lesser than the dew point and the outer surface is in contact with humid air. Water droplets settle on the window which reduces the clarity to almost nil. Triple-paned windows offer an extra pane and comparatively a lot more insulation than the other two counterparts which brings the probability of condensation very close to zero.

  1. Increased Security and Protection

Apart from all the other energy related benefits, it has one important perk which is to offer higher security. Having an extra layer obviously makes it stronger and more durable than the single or double paned windows. Majestic glass repairs in Sydney will also be less of a concern since the breakage or damage of the windows is going to be minimal. It will also act a shield of protection from accidents, thefts and also strong natural phenomenon like hurricanes and tornadoes. Security is always a concern and this offers safety along with the other perks mentioned.

There is more that can be said about triple paned windows but these are the major benefits that need to be kept in mind while comparing with other types of windows and how can one be benefited from it. The price difference with other windows is not extreme and this can be considered a good steal compared with the rivals given its long list of benefits and assurance.

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