The Lowdown on Choosing the Right Drapes and Curtains


Drapes and curtains can be hung throughout your home in order to complete any interior design scheme while also beautifully dressing up every window. But what should you do in order to be certain that you are choosing the very best drapes and curtains for every room in your home? Keep reading for the lowdown and a few helpful tips that will assist you when you are ready to head out and shop.

Stick with the Best Fabrics

Some of the best fabrics for curtains and drapes include velvet, faux silk, and linen. These will hang attractively and smoothly. But faux silk, in particular, is typically the most durable fabric choice for window treatments. Plus, faux silk will not deteriorate over time as quickly as the real silk options that are out there, so you definitely want to stick with this fabric when you are hanging drapes and curtains in a sunny room. However, if you want to keep the cold out in the winter, stick with velvet, suede, tweed, or tapestry fabrics, as they will help to keep the heat in your home where it belongs.

Stick with Long Curtains for Elegance

If you are hoping to achieve a really sophisticated and elegant look in any room, you should stick with long curtains. These will effectively convey drama and luxury, as well as a more formal appearance, especially if they are long enough that they stop right above the floor. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, these window treatments will definitely add style to any space.

Stick with the Right Color and Pattern

When you are shopping for curtains and drapes, you want to think about more than just fabric and length. You also need to think about the color and pattern of the product that you are going to purchase. After all, your window treatments will play a key role in your overall design scheme for the room that they will be in, so you really want to think about how they will look against the rest of your furniture and décor.

If the rest of your room is very bright and filled with patterns and colors, stick with curtains and drapes that are more subdued and plain. But if you are hoping to make the windows and your curtains the focal point of a room, you should definitely opt for bold designs and patterns, as well as bright colors that will truly pop against the rest of the room.

Stick with Lined Curtains

Finally, interlining is important for prolonging the life of your window treatments, especially if they are made out of silk. Both interlining and lining give drapes their fullness and their body, making them look even more beautiful.

Now that you have the lowdown on choosing the right drapes and curtains for every window in your house, you can go shopping for your window treatments with confidence. Rest assured that with the tips above, you will purchase the right products for the look that you are hoping to achieve.

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