The Long And Short Of Spring Dresses

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Who doesn’t crave a great new dress (or two or three) to wear when spring is in the air? With any luck, pretty soon the trees will be budding out, the flowers starting to push their way up, and freezing weather just a memory. Start your shopping engine now so you’re ready for that very first day you can leave your puffy jacket at home and step into the new season.

What you’ll find online and in the stores are fashion dresses with a fresh new look for this spring. Here’s what to expect:

Feminine and Romantic

Forget all that athleisure stuff. This is the year of the dress. Long daytime dresses of soft vintage-look floral prints. Layers and flounces of tulle. Asymmetric hemlines that show just a flirty flash of leg. It’s been a while since everyone was wearing dresses that grazed the ankle while the sun was still out, and you’ll love the way it feels. Spring is the season to flaunt your feminine advantage and these dresses give you every opportunity to do just that.

The Color Purple

Or, really, lavender, lilac and hyacinth. When Pantone named Ultra Violet as color of the year, they weren’t kidding. These colors are softer variations, and you’ll see them everywhere. That’s the thing about colors of the year. They’re picked up by fashion designers, interior decorators, and even appliance manufacturers, and if you love the color you’re in heaven. But the next year they’re hard to find. So stock up if these purply tones sing out to you.

And Bright Colors, too

Lavender and its friends is just one part of the story for spring. Bold and bright saturated colors are competing with the usual pastels that sprout to complement all the flowering blooms this time of year. Think daffodil yellow, cornflower blue, grass green, fuchsia as in, well, fuchsias, and the red of the reddest roses. You’ll see them as vivid solitary statements and in eye-popping combinations. What a way to wake up your wardrobe after the subdued neutral hues of winter.

Shimmer and Satin

Light satin fabrics that glide over the body like liquid make for a stunning and sophisticated evening look. They’re shown for daytime, too, though maybe don’t wear them to work. The same goes for the dazzling sequins, crystals, metallics, and other shiny touches you’ll see on dresses this season. Sparkling shoes fit for Cinderella will take the look right down to your toes. It’s as if the 80s are here again, but as in all things, moderation is something to consider unless you’re going clubbing.


Diaphanous overskirts, sheer panels, and delicate floaty sleeves embellish some of the prettiest of the  season’s dresses. For the more fashion forward, you’ll see translucent plastic elements, too. Easy to wipe spills off, we guess, and very convenient if a spring shower suddenly appears.

Mixed Prints and Patterns

A floral top paired with a polka-dot skirt? Stripes mixed with a graphic pattern? Why not? Dressing doesn’t have to be serious, and designers have gone all out with the notion. Plaids are typically thought of as a mainstay of fall and winter, but they’re staying on for spring this year as well. You might find a tartan dress trimmed with tiny dots or even a lightweight tattersall suit with ladylike flair when it’s teamed with a flowered Cami. Girlish and grownup gingham checks? You’ll find them, too.


The flappers loved it in the 1920s, and so did the hippies in the 1960s and 70s and through recent revivals as well. So it’s no great surprise that fringe is having a moment again. This time it’s less boho than uptown, with long, luxurious fringe on skirts, on tops, on sleeves, just about everywhere, and all made for shimmying.

So What Does it all Mean?

If all the spring 2018 fashion trends are making you dizzy with options, maybe that’s the point. You can pick and choose the way you want to look one day and change it up the next. Maxi, mini, or somewhere in between. Shiny, shimmery, and glittery. As vibrant as a big handful of crayons or as delicate as a palette of pastels. If the mood strikes, you can dress as boldly as a lioness or as demurely as a kitten. Have fun with it all!


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