The Kitchen Re-Design Checklist

As we approach Spring in a new year, it’s time to think about ways we can revamp our homes. Redecorating doesn’t have to be expensive though! Here are 5 easy tips to use when re-designing your kitchen that will make it look brand new and luxurious, at an affordable price.

Split your kitchen into sections

When planning a kitchen re-design, split your kitchen up into the different areas that you have. For example, the cooking zone will be where you do all your cooking and food prep, the dining zone will be where you eat and choose to relax in your kitchen, and then the cleaning zone will be where you wash up and organize – this can be anything from the sink, washing machine and waste bin area.

Once you have divided your kitchen into sections you will be able to break down the areas that need prioritising and plan each one out carefully so that nothing is missed. This is great for if you’re trying to stick to a budget and are redecorating at a pace that suits you, meaning that each month you can focus on a different area.

Choose the layout

If you’re completely redecorating your kitchen and will be changing the floorplan, consider the layout in regard to the rest of your house first. Consider shapes that utilise the outer walls and corners of the kitchen and will leave you with ample floor space. L shape kitchens do this nicely.

Having more floor space will make cleaning your kitchen easier and will leave less room for trip hazards. If you have lots of floor space and want to tie the room together, try adding in a kitchen island or breakfast bar and create a centrepiece for the whole family to enjoy cooking and eating together.

Think about colours

Design on a colour scheme to go with and stick to it. This avoids anything looking amiss and throwing the look of your entire kitchen off. Light, airy colours will invite more natural light into the space and give the illusion of more room – this is great to do if you have a smaller kitchen and you want to maximise the space you have.

You can also do this with your kitchen furniture and utensils for extra dimension. Try incorporating anything from pots and pan sets and tea towels to chairs and fruit bowls with the same or similar colourways to create a tonal look throughout.

Add storage

It’s crazy how much storage you actually need and use in a kitchen. Avoid cluttering your worktops with glassware and appliances that you hardly use. Instead think about adding in a beautiful console table or drinks cupboard with glass doors and feature your favourite drinks glasses this way.

You can even use storage to separate the room and create a division between your dining area and lounge if you are living in an open plan building.

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