The Importance of Agility Training for Dogs

Most people see their pets as equal members of their families. Yet, dogs often do not have such a feeling. These animals are accustomed to living in a pack, so they want you to take control and be the leader. You have to take responsibility for your four-legged friend. Besides love and care, you have to provide them with proper training such as

A dog is an animal that is always on the move and needs something to occupy their attention. The owners have to provide their pups with proper training, to keep them obedient. The basic training involves learning commands and patterns of behavior. Why it is crucial to train a puppy from an early age, find out at this link.

Some owners want to teach their pets new skills, especially if they go to competitions and shows. Agility training is something like a competitive sport for dogs. It is teaching the animal to overcome physical obstacles such as jumps, tunnels, and walks. Your pet won’t do this alone but will follow the commands of the handler. That will be you or a trainer.

How to Train a Dog

Some people train agility in their four-legged friends for fun. Others enjoy taking their pups to agility competitions. Most police or army dogs underwent these courses. The goal of this training is to make your pet skilled enough to overcome polygons with obstacles. They should do every task with as few mistakes as possible.

Dogs that are professionally prepared for these competitions undergo demanding agility courses. On the other hand, you can conduct some agility training for your pooch on your own. You can look for some online guidelines or ask a professional trainer for advice. Even when you want to train your pet for fun, this practice will have a positive effect on them.

Making Your Pup Skilled and Active

Dogs once were wild animals. The instincts that they had before domestication have not vanished, but have been ‘buried’ deep. You can perceive some of them when your pooch chases a cat, or runs after a favorite toy or smells food from another room.

After people domesticated the dogs, these animals became slightly spoiled. There was no longer a need to hunt for food or to run away from the enemy. Humans became their protectors and nurturers. But the animal can’t ignore instincts and urges completely. Agility training has been designed to meet the need of your pet to be active.

These courses mimic some natural situations, for example, when an animal chases and hunts for food. The obstacles that are on the polygon imitate all those obstacles in nature – rocks, holes, fallen trees, bushes, and so on. For the first time, your pet may be confused by everything they see. But over time, when natural urges awaken, you will see how your dog will easily overcome obstacles.

Getting Rid of Excess Energy

People who have pets in an apartment know how hard animals can handle an enclosed space. Especially dogs that need to walk, run, or pee outside. When they are indoors for too long, dogs can become hyperactive. They can start running around the apartment, breaking things, or damaging furniture.

Dogs can become annoying due to lack of activity, but that can affect their health too. Animals restricted to homes can become obese, which is an introduction to many health problems. Dogs may also become anxious because they have nowhere to waste the accumulated energy.

Agility training is a great method to get your furry buddy back in shape and cheer them up. The need for your pet to run and be outside should not be neglected. Regular training will strengthen their muscles, increase endurance, and keep them fit. As a handler, you’ll improve your fitness too if you train along with your four-legged friend.

Developing Pet-Owner Relationship

Agility Training

Dogs cannot take part in agility training alone. These courses are designed so that animals can work with the help of their human parents. The presence and participation of the owner are necessary. But you shouldn’t go there just as moral support. You should be a handler, that is, to ‘manage’ your pup passing the obstacles by giving instructions through speech and gestures.

In this way, the communication between you and your pooch becomes better. When you ‘order’ your pet to jump or roll, you are actually working to strengthen their obedience. Dogs that listen to the owners have better behavior and social upbringing. They will adapt more quickly to changes, like bringing another pet, moving, traveling, and so on.

When living in a house with a large yard, you can turn one part into a small training ground. If your pooch is doing agility for a hobby, then you can improvise and make obstacles from benches, old barrels, tires, and so on. But it’s good to have the best dog agility equipment in case you participate in agility competitions with your pet.

Every dog loves to run and be on the move. Agility courses are an excellent recommendation for pups older than a year. The reason to wait for this age is that the bones of the puppies are still weak, and too much jumping can seriously damage their joints. But once your furry buddy is old enough to enroll in this course, it will be a perfect way to keep them fit and channel their energy.

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