The hottest spring and summer trends to come in 2015

With the weather heating up it’s time to look forward to the new fashion season. As with any switch from winter to spring we’ll obviously be looking forward to injections of colour and a stripping down of the layers, however beyond this we wanted to fill you in on some of the little known trends that are soon to become hotter than the midday summer sun.

Warming up for spring

90s Necklines

We thought that we’d seen the last of everything from 90s fashion, however 90s necklines, in all their halter neck and squared off glory, will be hitting the high street shelves in their droves.

Bermuda shorts

You may not think of Bermuda shorts as overly womanly, however this spring will see them appearing in a range of beautiful textures as well as some rather bold exotic prints.


This makes for a relatively fresh, never before seen trend and one that features plenty of countryside charm. The gingham pattern will be worked on everything from shift dresses through to pedal pushers.


Khakis and extra pockets are going to be putting in an appearance in almost every store on the High Street this spring. For this trend you should be thinking of a subtle army style without the camo and over the top touches of the 90s.

Polka Dots

This trend from summer 2004 has returned with a charming vengeance. Polka dots upon white, red and blue backings will be seen upon everything from beautiful blouses right through to the other hot trend of Bermuda shorts.

Basking in the summer sun in style

Printed Shorts

The exotic prints that we saw in spring will follow through for the summer, however the cut may get that little bit shorter.

Peek a Boo Lace

Lace has been a big thing in many seasons gone by, however summer 2015 will see a sexing up of this trend where it will allow for a little more skin to show in a still elegant way.

Leather Dresses

This is one trend that may make little sense to most, and it’ll certainly be hot in more ways than one… yes, that’s right, leather dresses are in, in, in for summer 2015.

Cropped Tops

Cropped tops are another homage to 90’s trends and this season will see the cut going shorter than ever. Khakis and extra pockets are going to be putting in an appearance almost everywhere on the High Street this spring.

Backless Dresses

Backless dresses are already making big appearances on some rather prestigious red carpets and come summer time they’ll be literally everywhere! Notably this ‘backless’ trend can also involve lower panels that are cut out from the back, rather than just the traditional halter neck backless style.

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