The Grus is North-West Russian duo Alexandra Zhuraleva and Simon Gendor, who together embrace dramatic reverberations for this skillfully imbues cosmic drum ‘n’ bass meets intense trip hop sound.

The Grus’ creative pedigree stems from their desire to be both distinguished and creative. While their debut album Nest encompasses so many sounds and influences, it works surprisingly well.

Although The Grus have already taken the Russian music scene outside of its pre-existing comfort zone, there’s no plans of stopping yet, and this latest piece is testimony.

Fascinated by music that makes people feel like they’re going crazy, The Grus hope their debut album will give their currently simmering career a much needed boost.

Listeners are bound to question their sanity while progressing from the pounding vibes and trippy wordplay on tracks like “God Is In The Rain”, while tracks like the sizzling “So Glad I’m Here” shows a softer side to the album.  Overall the duo offers something incredibly different, an adept sound, from two talented musicians who refuse to conform.

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