The evolution of mobile phones

The mobile phones had a remarkable evolution in the past 20 years, becoming an inseparable accessory for each nowadays. Smartphones are becoming more and more useful and also more affordable. The mobile phones nowadays represent not only a faster means of communication between people but also a good source of information which is a great help for people, that keeps evolving and developing day by day to make our lives much more accessible.

The history of the mobile phone

The first mobile phone invented dates back to April  3, 1973, by Motorola Company, in Manhattan and it was a Motorola DynaTAC 8000x. That was a momentous day, representing a mobile revolution.

In 1979, the company NTT gave Japanese consumers access to mobile phone service. And in 1983 the Ameritech Mobile Communications became the first company that started to sell phones for consumers. The price for a Motorola phone was $3,995.

Another important year for the mobile revolution was 1992 when Nokia 1011 came out. It also came with a unique feature, called text-messaging. From that moment, people got more connected and had the opportunity to check the time and the date on their phone and also they could create an address book for their contacts.

In 2003 the 3G started to gain popularity worldwide, offering a better connection to everybody and also preparing the world for the next chapter of the evolution, which was the smartphone.

2007 represented one of the most significant evolutionary steps in the mobile phone industry when Steve Jobs created the first iPhone. This new phone came with the most prominent touchscreen display you could find, and you could search on the internet like on a computer, you could also listen to your music and many more useful features.

The first Android phone came out in 2008 offered by T-mobile G1 followed by the first Samsung Galaxy S then came out in 2010. As we can see the evolution of the smartphone becomes faster from one year to another, bringing us many new features to use to have a better connection between us, a better lifestyle and a more comfortable life.

Advantages offered by smartphones

The first and essential factor that smartphones offer us is connectivity. Nowadays you can talk easily with your friends and relatives having a smartphone. Also, you can connect with people from all over the world in a couple of seconds. This represents an essential aspect for each offering us more opportunities than we ever had before.

Another significant advantage offered by the new smartphones is their efficiency. You can do tasks very fast, that will save you precious time. Also, you can find different apps to use to be more efficient as a person.  You can send emails, pictures and documents in a couple of seconds all over the world, offering you the flexibility to work on the move wherever you are. There are a few things that cannot be done with a smartphone nowadays.

Entertainment represents another important aspect of this new digital world. You can read books straight from your smartphone, watch exciting videos, you can listen to your favourite music or even watch movies wherever you are. Also, you can install all sorts of games like arcade, action, logic or even slots to make your time pass faster and have fun at the same time.


The evolution of mobile phones had a significant impact on our daily lives, making us more aware of everything that’s going on around us and also everywhere in the world. This vital revolution allowed us to get a broader perspective of life, to know and understand different cultures, more extensive access to information and also to make our lives better, so we should take advantage of the great times we live in.

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