The Effect of Vape Wattage: Important Insights to Know

Initially, vape devices came with a standard fixed vape wattage. But today, a high level of innovation allows manufacturers to make devices with adjustable wattage. To many users, this is a good thing because they can customize their vaping experience.

If you are wondering how varying wattage changes the experience, this article is for you because it explains more about this. While still discussing this, we will mention the voltage because the two go hand in hand. And of course, the number and type of coils used will be important as well. Read on to learn more.

What Is Wattage Regarding Vape Devices?

This is the electrical operating power flowing through the coil of a vape per second. The battery produces this power constantly as long as it is fully charged. Batteries with a higher voltage have the ability to provide more watts constantly and for longer without having to be charged.

One can control the watts when operating a vape device with a button, but the voltage is controlled by the type of battery used. Some have a higher voltage while others have a lower voltage. Well, the interest today is in how the varying wattage affects the vaping experience for electronic hookahs and other vaping devices.

· Throat hit – You guessed it right; the throat hit will go significantly higher when the wattage of a vape device is high. Likewise, you will introduce more nicotine into your system.

· Flavor – As you vary your wattage, the flavors of different e-juices are affected. Actually, many have a recommended temperature, which is directly affected by the wattage. When using flavored e-juices, pay attention to the optimum condition that makes them pop out to their full potential.

· Battery lifespan – It is a no-brainer that higher wattage will drain a battery a lot faster than a lower wattage. Therefore, users will have to recharge more often. Additionally, the lifespan of the battery will significantly decrease as well.

· Coil lifespan – Just like the batteries, the coils suffer the same fate when subjected to a higher wattage. If you are looking for longevity in your coils, it is time to stop hitting the high wattage button.

Overall Experience

To sum up the effects, the user’s overall vaping experience is directly affected by the wattage selected. Generally, higher wattage improves the experience through pronounced flavors and throat hit especially for experienced vapers. Additionally, the experience will be even better when the coils are cleaned regularly to lower their resistance.

But in return, high wattage can take a toll on the device. This means going back to the shop for coils and batteries. This is an increased cost implication, which is worth mentioning.

The Takeaway

The best thing is that using varying wattages at different times will balance the pros and cons that we have discussed above. Actually, this is the recommended method. It is why manufacturers have worked day and night to incorporate into many vape devices the feature of reducing and increasing the wattage.

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