The Different Benefits Of An Ethanol Fireplace

Ethanol Fireplace

When you are certain you can live with all the drawbacks of ethanol fireplaces, you can learn about the advantages and all the good things regarding ethanol fires.  If you are searching for a functional, secure, and more efficient source of heating for your home, you can get a quality bio ethanol fireplace from one of the many certified suppliers.  This article will provide information on the primary benefits to ethanol fires.

  1. No Chimney Is Required

One of the greatest benefits to an ethanol fireplace like this one from Soothing Company is that it does not need a chimney to remove smoke or soot.  This is due to the fact that denatured ethanol burns fully, thus it doesn’t produce any carbon monoxide or smoke.  Most people prefer ethanol fireplaces to the traditional smoke fireplace as there is no risk of soot messing up their houses.  Moreover, you will not need to concern yourself with cleaning the chimney or paying someone for chimney installations.

  1. Portable

Aside from the floor models, the majority of ethanol fireplaces are portable meaning you can take the item with you wherever you are in the house from the balcony to the master bedroom.

  1. No Production Of Dangerous Fumes

While traditional fireplaces utilize wood or coal for fuel resulting in carbon monoxide/dioxide production, ethanol fireplaces do not produce any dangerous fumes.  This is based on the fact that ethanol burns completely producing a minimal amount of carbon dioxide and vapor.  Utilizing the fireplace correctly in a well-ventilated room, however, reduces the percentage of carbon dioxide produced even further.  All you need to do is ensure there is enough oxygen available for the fireplace to operate.

  1. No Residue Or Ashes

One of the reasons why ethanol fireplaces are grown in demand is the fact that it does not produce ashes or soot.  The fuel burns away producing only a clear vapor with a minimal amount of smoke, and the fact that there is no soot is highly beneficial for people with allergies.  Evidence has found that individuals suffering from COPD and asthma can utilize ethanol fireplaces without risking their physical wellbeing.

  1. The Ease Of Use

Another advantage to using an ethanol fireplace is its ease to set up and use.  All you require is a burner, a long lighter, and a bottle filled with ethanol.  The traditional fireplace is far more complicated to prepare and requires coal or wood to work.  Some of the ethanol fireplaces can even be placed on a tabletop as an alternative for traditional fireplaces.

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