The Differences Between Perfume and Cologne

Perfume tends to be thought of as cologne where men are concerned. A product known as pheromone cologne is being produced whose effects are thought to bring opposite sexes together. That is, the smell it produces creates something of an attraction. Make sure you wear the best cologne such as Versace cologne it is one of the most famous fragrances in the world. 

Defining Cologne in Relation to Perfume

Cologne is an old term for perfume and used in North America where masculine scents are concerned. In composition, it is light, fruity, and fresh, and consists of 2 to 4 percent perfume oil which has been mixed in water and alcohol. The tendency is for it to be used in fragrances for your young people but there is nothing to stop anyone of any age wearing it to smell nice. Its nice smell will last for approximately 2 hours.

Cologne (Eau de Toilette), which is French, can literally be translated to “toilet water”, although it is often described as “grooming water”, as this is more appropriate given its nice scent. We can perhaps think of the original definition as applying to the location where the perfume is most often applied to the skin. In the bathroom, one was thinking. The bedroom, of course, represents another popular place for applying perfume or cologne, while getting ready for a special occasion.

In Its Attraction

In terms of the cologne’s use, as opposed to that of a female perfume equivalent, the only difference is in who it is trying to attract. For instance, the pheromone cologne is considered attractive to women, whereas the equivalent female product will be for a young woman wanting to smell nice for a male companion. Perfume or cologne can be considered an extension of deodorant with an added smell that is stronger and more distinctive. The purpose of applying a pheromone-based product is to create more of a physical attraction. Moreover, visiting this page would be ideal if you are into Niche Fragrances.

When Being Used

There are many different occasions for which a scent can be applied, although it is always dating that springs to mind as the main one. Many men will have first started applying a scent as a soothing aftershave, and perhaps out of habit, and then progressed to seeing its other benefits in relation to female attraction. Pinaud Clubman is the oldest aftershave that was sold in America. In the UK, many can still remember the old aftershave TV ad campaigns of the 70s and 80s, showing men applying aftershave to soothe their skin. Famous stars such as boxer Henry Cooper, who was bravely defeated by the great Muhammad Ali, would feature. Things have moved on, though, and cologne is now worn by men for reasons beyond shaving. Its predominant use of attracting a female mate is trending.

By definition, a pheromone is a secreted chemical factor which will trigger a social response within members of that same species. These chemicals act like hormones outside our body. They impact on our human behaviours. They give the feeling, for instance, that a male is attractive. It is an impulse reaction. An impulse is defined as a kind of force that starts a body in motion, a strong desire to respond to something, a feeling that is difficult, if not impossible, to resist. Pheromones are hard to resist.

So, in comparing cologne with perfume, where pheromones are concerned there really is little difference. The fragrance, whether intended for a male or a female, is thought to have the same effect of attracting the opposite gender. For information on pheromones, there is an article that you might find of further interest. There is no doubt that powerful chemicals are at work in creating a feeling in someone that can often not be explained but is very pleasing, nonetheless. These pheromone colognes for men are certainly worth trying if you are struggling to find the perfect partner or just want to please your current partner. In addition, scents are known to please the individual by making them feel better about themselves and more confident.




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