The Designer Label Dresses Just Got a Whole Lot More Affordable with My Universal Closet

You can finally afford to wear a designer dress without “breaking the bank”. How is possible? – you might ask. Well, it is now possible by using My Universal Closet platform where Fashionistas can list the items they have in their closets and as a result create a bigger pool of dresses and other designer made garments to choose from. You probably have a friend you can borrow a dress or other clothes from once in a while, right? So, think of this community as having more friends like that and you all borrow from each other. Isn’t it cool! Instead of buying all those dresses or just wishing you could buy them, you get a chance to wear them for a fraction of the cost and create your unforgettable moments.

My Universal Closet is taking you to the next level of the fashion journey and if you love (or addicted ;-)) to wear beautiful clothes, this is your perfect chance to expand your possibilities.

My Universal Closet is a start-up from Dallas, which has the potential to change how women shop. Not only can you buy designer dresses for less than its retail price, you can rent almost any item for even less. And I haven’t even got to the best part yet.

Anybody can sign up to My Universal Closet and start listing their dresses for sale or rent.

In an interview I had with the founder of My Universal Closet, Natalia, she told me how the idea came to her one day. In her own words, “Often I would stare at my closet and all the items I had in there would not seam as exciting to me after I wore them a couple of times, but when I would go shopping I would see so many dresses and other clothing items that I would definitely love to wear. Like most of us, I could not afford to buy them all, so I would be thinking that it would be so much better if I could just borrow those dresses instead of spending so much money on one dress, wear it once or twice, enjoy it and move on to the next one. That way I would never get bored with my wardrobe. So I began thinking of starting a rental service where I would buy the dresses I love and let others enjoy them as well and then re-invest the money I make back into the new dresses. But than I thought that there might be other women who would love to do the same. And if we all share what we have, we would have much more power and would always have something new to wear.” That is how the My Universal Closet idea was born.

After 2 long years of development, research, and design, My Universal Closet has been unveiled, and is poised to change the shopping experience forever. Part social media, part e-commerce, My Universal Closet’s platform is all about giving the consumer more power and choice. While the selection is still expanding, My Universal Closet’s repertoire includes designers such as Badgley Mischka, Tony Bowls, Alberto Makali, and many more. Browse the entire selection today at


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