The design and manufacturing side of jewelry

A fine piece of jewelry is a work of art. It can express love, friendship, memories or affiliation. It can reflect the taste and style of the wearer. If you have a favorite piece of jewelry or a favorite jewelry designer, you might be surprised by how interesting the process of making that piece is. Here are some insights into the design and manufacturing side of jewelry.

The artist still reigns in the design of jewelry. If you want a unique piece, or one designed especially for you, it is important to look at the work of different artisans to decide who carries work you like, and narrow your choices. The designer will want to know whether you want gold or silver, diamonds or other gemstones, contemporary or classic. The more you define your tastes, the easier it will be to zero in on the design, whether you are buying a completed piece or commissioning something new.

The design process can include a sketch with pencil and paper, or a 3D print of the piece. Technology has definitely had an impact on the design of jewelry. With Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printing, pieces can be imagined and produced in 3D, which helps sell them before they are made. If there is something about the design you don’t like, it can be changed in moments with CAD. This is a big saving for jewelry sellers, and that saving, hopefully, gets passed on to you.

After you approve your piece of jewelry, it goes to be manufactured. Handcrafted jewelry requires a number of techniques. The manufacturer may need to shape the metal, usually silver or gold. This is called smithing, and involves forming the ring shape and notches to hold gemstones.

Some of the metal pieces may have to be joined together by soldering. Soldering is a process where another piece of metal, the filler, is melted to join two pieces together. Gemstones will need to be set in the ring in the notches created by smithing. Tools such as scanning and engraving machines allow jewelry makers to get designs into pieces more easily, and less expensively. The final touch is the finish, and there is a variety of finishes the designer will show you.

Of course, part of the process of design and manufacturer for you as a purchaser is choosing a jeweler with an excellent reputation. This way, you can be sure your piece of jewelry has authentic materials at the best price. One such company is Winsome Jewellery, headed by Jatin Mehta, which has been around for decades and offers both design and manufacture of great pieces of jewelry with state of the art techniques.

Although the jewelry world has updated its methods of design and manufacture, these methods have not replaced the creativity of the designer. They have simply made it easier and less expensive for more people to have a unique piece of art to wear. Start imagining your special piece of jewelry.

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