The concept of height increasing shoes

The concept of height elevation using special shoes is not entirely new to the fashion industry. Over the decades, various height increasing have come up to help people attain their ideal height including platform shoes that had large outer soles, heels, insole lifts and now, elevator shoes. The differences between these height increasing options are quite many but the aim of all of them is to boost the wearer’s height.

Platform shoes were popular in the 1970s whereby both women and men wore these shoes with exaggerated outer soles to appear taller than they actually are. The problem with platform shoes is that they were often ridiculously large hence the wearer almost looked comical when wearing them. Additionally, the large outer sole made the shoes extremely heavy hence they were uncomfortable to wear for a long period. The general large appearance of platform shoes made them ideal for limited occasions such as parties and outdoor events but people could hardly wear them to work or corporate events without becoming the joke of the day. As such, the popularity of platform shoes died down but the concept stayed alive.

Insole lifts

Insole lifts were created to provide discreet height elevation to the wearer since the lift sits pretty inside the shoe. Most insole lifts were actually heel lifts since they typically worked by increased one’s height at the heel of the feet. Unfortunately, heel lifts tampered with the original mechanism of shoes in a number of ways.

When you place an insole lift in your shoe, you immediately reduce the amount of space that your foot was supposed to take up because the shoe was not initially created to accommodate an insole lift. As such, the wearer may experience pinching toes when wearing the shoes because the foot is pushed further forward to the reduced internal space.

Heel lifts target height elevation at the heel only while the rest of the foot sits on the original insole of the shoe or the flat surface of the insole lift. This concept creates discomfort for the wearer because maximum pressure is exerted on the balls of the foot. Many people experience inflammation due to wearing heel lifts.

Some insole lift companies claimed to create their products using extra soft material to enhance the cushioning of the feet. However, this concept further aggravated the problem because shoes with molded in-foam lifts already provide a comfortable sense of vertical motion inside the shoes, hence a soft insole lift pressing against the foot aggravates arch problems.

Elevator shoes save the day

The above problems led to the creation of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes which are created with the outright intention of increasing a person’s height. Our elevator are fitted with height increasing insoles that are part of the shoes hence your feet will fit in the intended space from the onset.

The height increasing concept of our elevator shoes for men and women entails inward and outward elevation from the insole and outer sole of the shoes. As such, we maximize the potential of double elevation while taking advantage of discreet elevation from the insole.

Our raised shoes provide enough comfort for your feet without interfering with vertical motion inside the shoes in order to create a normal shoe experience. The best part of our shoes is that they allow you to choose your ideal height before getting the final product. Visit our website today and place an order of your ideal design and height.

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