The Best Women’s Travel Clothes for Comfort and Style

Are you planning a trip? About to board a plane and fly far, far away to an exotic beache or bustling city? Well, color us jealous! But we’re here to chat outfits, specifically travel outfits to help make sure you pack the right clothes!

We took a dive into the world of fabrics and cuts to find the very best ones for adventuring. Two aspects at the top of the list when it comes to the best kinds of travel clothing are comfort and style. You don’t need to compromise your personal style to accommodate true comfort when traveling. Here how it can be done, with some incredible pieces to browse along the way.

For the commute and airport chilling: loose fits and warm layers

Ever sat for hours on a long-haul flight wearing tight, restrictive, or non-breathing clothes? Yes, not ideal. Lengthy flights and bus trips are uncomfortable enough, but you can make the experience much more enjoyable with the right clothes.

Fabric choice: No matter the climate, you need fabrics that breathe. Linen and bamboo are ideal choices as they are soft against the skin and don’t cause unnecessary sweating. For warmer layers, merino is a warm yet lightweight fabric. Also consider the

fact that you’ll be sitting down a lot, which means a whole lotta wrinkles! Choose wrinkle-free fabrics such as Tencel, and cashmere for warmth.

Style: Go for drawstring waistlines if you’re opting for pants or skirts. Wide-leg linen pants with a drawstring waist look super chic and stylish even when paired with a simple, soft cotton tee and cashmere or merino sweater. Slouch pants with a tapered leg give a sweatpant feel with a stylish aesthetic.

A merino long-line cardigan is a great choice as you can wrap it around you for comfort and warmth. If you’re in need of a makeshift blanket during a tiresome airport waiting session, use your cardigan to nap under. Shirt dresses with fabric waist belts are easy, comfy (and forgiving in the case of airplane food bloating). Plus, you can layer them with tights for chilly plane trips.

For pounding hot city streets: breathable bamboo, linen and silk

When you’re exploring cities on foot, often in the heat, clothing choices can make or break the comfort of the day. Relaxed fits, breathable fabrics, and styles which make

you feel great in photos are ideal. Think of your go-to, unique style which makes you feel like you. Think of colors and silhouettes and see how you can make those preferences travel-friendly.

Fabric choice: Fabrics which breathe as you walk and move will help to keep you cool and smelling fresh. What’s more, they’re compatible with loose silhouettes which keep you comfy. Bamboo is breathable, moisture wicking and super soft. Silk offers a luxurious, soft and hypoallergenic experience. Finally, linen is once again a great choice, providing breathability, cooling, and no need to iron making it a durable, travel- friendly fabric.

Style: If you’re a jeans and tee kind of girl, you could try a pair of relaxed-fit denim- toned linen trousers and a pure cotton tee. Throw a linen or bamboo shirt over top, tie it for a cropped look and go. When it gets too hot? Tie the sleeves of the shirt around your waist.

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of draped pants in a rich color or print. Does it really get any better than a cool, soft, breezy and ultra fast drying pair of silk wrap pants? The wrap style gives you a skirt-style vibe without the chafing risk and flatters most body shaps. The print is bold and fun yet completely wearable with simple linen travel tees and blouses.

If you prefer a pretty dress and skirt kind of style, stick with breathable linen, cotton and bamboo, and choose non-restrictive designs which won’t cut, rub or cling to you throughout the day.

Also, consider the issue of thigh chafing, a sure way to ruin an idyllic day! Long-line underwear or even bike shorts beneath the dress are a smart choice. Plus, they protect you in the case of a breezy “Marilyn moment”.

Relaxed-fit dresses with a customizable feature such as a wrap-front are great for adjusting the waistline for a cinched look for evenings, and letting it out after all that dreamy pizza and pasta. A linen tunic dress is an ideal travel dress as it’s cool, breathable, customizable, bold, yet easy to wear and pairs well with sneakers during the day and dressier shoes at night.

For when you need to keep covered: light layers

Certain areas of the world require a little more coverage than others. If you’re traveling to culturally modest areas, choose clothes that cover your skin and don’t cling to your body.

Layers are key, as you can control your coverage as you move from private to public spaces. Think wide-leg pants, long-sleeved tunics or shirts, shawls and light pashminas which can cover the chest or wrap over the head.

Wear your “base” outfit consisting of breezy pants, a cotton tee or tank, and a long- sleeved linen shirt. Add a scarf or wrap for coverage, (also great for shading your shoulders from the sun without committing to a cardigan).

A cashmere knit wrap is perfect for traveling as it is mega soft which makes for a great makeshift blanket during delays or long train trips. Wear for versatile warmth during cooler evenings, and wear as a wrap for modest countries or sights with particular dress codes.

Packing Check List

 Here is a handy little checklist to use when planning your travel outfits:

  • Keep to your color and overall style preferences. You’re still you, even when in far away lands
  • Choose breathable, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, bamboo and silk
  • Opt for slouchy, loose styles when choosing pants
  • Versatility is key, so button-up linen shirts are ideal. Wear closed, tied or open for breezy coverage
  • Choose relaxed-fit dresses in breathable fabrics, and don’t forget bike pants for chafing
  • Select a warm layer such as a longline cardigan or wrap in wool or cashmere
  • Choose plain tops which can be layered with every other piece in your suitcase
  • Don’t simply think of the mornings and if it looks cute then. Think of the end of

the day when you’ve been walking around for hours…will these clothes be comfy then?

And most of all, have an incredible time!

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