The Best Ways to Play Music at Home


Music is one of those things that can really make your house feel like a home. Whether you’re listening to classical or jazz to relax in the evenings, having a dance party on a Friday night or just want some background music while you do chores or have dinner with the family, music in the home will set the mood. And nowadays, with the onslaught of digital music and technologies, you have way more options. In fact, digital music revenue globally amounted to $2.8 billion in 2017. Let’s take a look at a few quick tips on how to utilize these changes to best enjoy music in your home

1. Where to Find the Music

When it comes to finding your music, the options seem endless. For the old-school in you, there is always the option of utilizing traditional methods — records, CDs, radio and vinyl. This is great if you’re looking to form a collection or genuinely enjoy the sound of a classic vinyl record.

If you’re looking to utilize all the new music platforms, there are many to choose from: Apply Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, SoundCloud and Google Play are among the most popular. Most platforms require you to pay a monthly subscription fee; many offer a free trial, so test out a few different ones according to your taste and style before committing. Once you have preferred platform, search your favorite artists, create playlists and even stay updated on the newest music and suggestions. All of this makes it easier to have consistent and suitable sounds in the home.

2. Speakers and Equipment

After deciding how you’re going to access your music, the next most important step is the sound. Deciding on the best speaker for your home can make a lot of difference to your overall experience. Are you looking for portability so you can play music outside? Are you looking for multi-room functionality? Do you want surround sound? All these things are questions that need to be considered before picking out the right speaker for you, as there are so many options that cater to each of these needs.

If you decide on a larger speaker for your home entertainment system, you’ll also have to consider purchasing speaker stands. These will ensure the speakers are upright, protected and last longer.

3. Added Tech

With so many new technologies made every year, there are a few that can be used to make your listening experience more adaptable and convenient.

Amazon’s Alexa device, for example, works on voice command, meaning you can ask it to change the song or playlist, or change settings by simply speaking rather than having to play with a bunch of buttons. This is great if you’re busy doing other things, as it makes your music listening that much more flexible.

Another great technology to consider would be noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones. Living in a home with multiple people or family members can pose issues as everyone has different schedules, music tastes and preferences. Invest in a pair of Bluetooth headphones so you can enjoy music no matter who else is in the house.

Music listening in the home is something that many people love. Now with so many new platforms and technologies, it’s becoming easier to access a variety of sounds and make it a flexible experience for everyone to enjoy.

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