The Best Way to Press Flowers

There has been overwhelming support and following for the craft of pressing flowers. It is a great process where you can preserve a flower for its beauty or even for learning more about its species without having it disintegrate or wilt.

There are multiple ways in which they can press flowers. After having gone through each of these methods, we are sharing one that we think is both perfect and flexible enough that you can do it easily. Keep reading if you want to find out how to press flowers the right way.

Choosing the Flowers

Before you get down to pressing the flowers, you need to make sure you are using the right specimen for the job. Flowers of the same kind can be vastly different from each other, and not everyone would be a good candidate for pressing. You need a dry flower, so the best time to pick one is during midday on a sunny day. That natural drying process is important to avoid molding, which can happen quite easily.

In addition to that, you also need to make sure that the flower you are using is perfect in every aspect. You do not want a flower that has spots or holes in it of any kind. Find out when the flowers are in full bloom and pick them only at that time of the year. Make sure you have a good container or bag that can hold your flowers dry and undamaged.

Getting the Flowers Ready

Once you have selected the right candidates, you need to go through a few steps to make sure that they can be pressed perfectly. The very first step is to make sure that the flower you are pressing is completely dry. If needed, you can air dry them to remove all the water completely. The final product should look completely dry, and for the best pressing, it should also be somewhat flat already. You also need to remove the leaves from the flower as they could get pressed on top of the plant if left in place. You can press them separately if needed. Also, remove large stems if you have any flowers attached to one.

Time to Press the Flower

There are a lot of pressing methods that you can choose from. This includes manual pressing, microwave pressing, iron pressing, and even some other creative methods. However, after a lot of testing, the method we would recommend using is the manual pressing method as it is easiest to understand and use and has the best results.

Choose a book that you think would be best for pressing your flower. Once you have made your choice, put a couple of newspapers on the inside where you are going to press your flower. The newspapers will absorb any moisture that the flower may leak during the pressing process. You could also use professional blotting paper used for pressing, but this is a lot easier. Other materials could also be used, but they are either not completely plain or not absorbent enough.

Once the flower has been put in its desired shape, close the book, and put additional weight on it. Let it sit for one week, then change the newspaper lining for a new one, and then let it sit for another two weeks. You could continue for another week as well if the flower is not fully dry and flat by then.


Pressing flowers helps you to not only preserve a beautiful plant that you like, but it can also preserve memories that may be associated with it. It is a relaxing activity that you can do to not only preserve a part of nature but also use it as a special gift for someone special.


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