The Best Types of Flooring To Complement Your Living Room

There’s nothing quite like new flooring that makes your home feel cozy and complete. Read about the best types of flooring to complement your living room.

Furniture, light fixtures, and a TV above the focal fireplace are the main features that homeowners think of when designing their living room. However, there’s another feature that has a powerful impact on the style of the space.

While many people overlook the flooring of a living room, it’s one of the most important elements to create a cohesive design and complement your living room’s style. Read on about some of the best types of flooring to choose from to make your living room feel complete.

Herringbone Wood Floors

Perhaps a unique pattern is what your living room needs! Not every living room has ample space to effortlessly create an open room. Sometimes, the color of the walls, the type the flooring, and the furniture style must expand the area itself.

That’s when herringbone wood floors come in handy. They’re a gorgeous flooring style that adds dimension and elongates the room. Using herringbone wood floors is a wonderful tactic to establish interest without a full home remodel.

Multi-Colored Laminate Wood Flooring

When you want a high-end appearance but something more durable, laminate flooring is one of the best types of flooring! Wooden flooring is the ultimate traditional flooring material.

However, when you love the look of natural wood, you can further complement your living room by installing multi-colored laminate wood. Sometimes, it’s difficult to choose one wood stain and stick to that design throughout the house. Using a blend of wood colors adds attraction and gives you more opportunities to expand your home’s unique characteristics.

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Reclaimed Wood

Rustic homes adore incorporating wooden pieces whenever possible! The older something is, the better it will fit in!

Just like how patterns and different colors add dimension, natural reclaimed wood can establish the texture you’re searching for. Using reclaimed wood enhances the rustic aesthetic while making something new out of older materials. It’s a sustainable way to achieve a unique appearance that’s ideal for farmer-style living rooms.

Plush Pile Carpeting

A plush pile is a type of cut-pile carpeting with short fibers at a uniform length packed tightly together. It creates a smooth, velvety surface with a uniform appearance.

This type of carpeting is ideal for developing a cozy atmosphere in spaces like bedrooms and living rooms. It’s incredibly soft and easy to clean with natural carpet cleaning solutions. The carpet is available in a variety of colors, from navy blue to beige to flecked carpeting. You’re sure to find a style that enhances your living room.

Wool Carpeting

Another cozy style of carpet is wool carpeting. Wool is a material known for its natural ability to absorb moisture and wick it away from the surface. Instead of soaking up the water and leading to mold or succumbing to water damage, wool will resist disturbances and withstand accidents.

Plus, wool carpets are naturally fire-retardant and incredibly soft! They’re available in primarily neutral tones, like gray, beige, and white, and they’re ideal for balancing living rooms with strong accent pieces throughout.

When it feels like something is missing from your living room, consider one of these amazing flooring options to make it feel complete!

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