The best Tips to create a mobile friendly website for your small business

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There is need for every small business to have a strong website that will help them inform and sell their products to potential customers. This cannot just be any kind of website, it must be user friendly and it needs to look professional. If you want more loyal and happy customers read on. There are 5 tips listed in this article, they will help in building a website for your business that looks great on mobile devices.

Make use of responsive design

This gives website developers the ability to create mobile websites that will be view-able on different devices with various sizes and also helps to reduce the amount of work they need to do when creating a site. By using responsive designs for a small business website, the web page will be able to identify the screen size and orientation of the customer, then adjust the layout as required. Your content should always be available to boost traffic and share your content.

Both font and button size matters

Both font and button size are important considerations for mobile devices. The button should be big/visible enough to prevent users from missing a button or pushing the wrong one. Make sure the font size is at least 14 or 16. Because It’s really annoying for users if they have to zoom in all the time.

Ensure availability of your content on all mobile devices

It is very important that you do not exclude any group so make your content available on any platform. You don’t want your customers to run away. Think about your mobile content strategy and you will win over a lot of customers!

Do not create another website for mobile devices

This seems logical yet it happens. It is somehow a common trait among website designers to create an extra website for mobile devices. Google frowns at duplicate contents and this may affect the ranking of your website.

Make use of high resolution pictures

This is an important part of your responsive website customers wants a high end experience when they browse a website. Using blurry images make your website looks less professional. And if your client uses a HD screen it looks even worse! So always make sure the images you use are pleasant to look at.

Building or designing a website for your small business should not be a problem, and if you already have a website but which is not mobile-friendly or user friendly then it is time for you to make some changes so as to give your customers a compelling experience and also make your business a success. Focus on how to increase your traffic and also make sure that devices respond on time and you will have both a good looking and friendly website that brings in customers often.

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