The Best Tips on How to Fix and Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

puffy eyes

When life is stressful, we don’t always want to share that stress with the rest of the world. And sometimes we need a good cry, but if you’re anything like us, that can leave you with swollen, puffy eyes that will tell anyone you meet that things aren’t going great. Trying to conceal that look makes things even more stressful.

Luckily, there are some quick tricks you can use to get rid of puffy eyes. From cucumber and witch hazel to massage and face rolling, read on to learn how to calm your eyes down and keep your private worries private.

Cool Off

One great easy solution to deal with puffy eyes is to apply a cool compress to your eyes. When you cry, fluid builds up in your eyelids, which is what causes that puffiness. A cold compress can help bring that swelling down and move the liquid away from your eyes.

Get a washcloth or paper towel and wet it in the sink. Fold it into a rectangle, find someplace comfortable to sit, and press the cloth gently under your eyes. Sit there for a few minutes while the swelling goes down, and use this time to gather yourself and get ready to face the world again.

Think Green

If you brought a salad for lunch, it may help you get rid of puffy eyes from crying. Cucumbers can help reduce swelling, so grab a couple of slices out of your salad. Lay the slices over your eyes, classic spa style, and rest for a few minutes while the cukes do their work.

Tea bags can also help reduce some swelling under your eyes. Because they contain caffeine, they can improve circulation and reduce swelling, moving the fluid away from your eyes. Run a couple of tea bags under cold water and place them under your eyes for a few minutes.


If you don’t have tea bags or cucumbers on hand, you can use, well, your hands. Massage is a great way to improve circulation and encourage fluid buildup to get moving. Plus a quick face massage can help calm you down and get you ready to go on with your day.

Start by massaging the pressure points in your eyebrows for a few moments, and then rub your fingers from the inside corners of your eyes to the outside, like you’re wiping out an eye booger. Tap gently on your sinuses, starting at the bridge of your nose and moving outward. You can also massage the lymph nodes in your neck, rubbing gently down and away from your face for about three minutes.

Get Witchy

Witch hazel is a relatively common ingredient in medicine cabinets, and if you have some around, it can help out with puffy eyes. Witch hazel is an astringent, which is believed to help with redness and swelling. If you use this, look for an alcohol-free brand since you don’t want to dry out your skin and cause irritation.

Apply the witch hazel on a cotton pad, checking the bottle for how much to use. Lay this pad on your eyes for about five or ten minutes. This may be a good opportunity to put on a calming meditation or do some mindful breathing to calm you down.

Roll On

You may have heard of face rollers as a way to improve circulation in your face to encourage good complexion. They work just as well for dealing with swelling in your eyes after you’ve been crying. And in combination with a cooling eye gel, you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Apply the eye cream as sparsely or liberally as you like in a line under your lower eyelid. Using the metal roller, massage the product into your face, being sure to keep your strokes gentle.


Serums get a lot of hype from the skincare gurus as a great all-around face product. But it can also help constrict blood vessels in your face and reduce swelling.

Apply your favorite serum or eye cream under your eyes, taking a few minutes to gently rub it in. If you have a cream that contains aloe, that’s a great choice for reducing puffiness.

Dealing with Redness

Another frequent symptom of crying is red eyes, and there are some handy ways to deal with that, too. Try putting in moisturizing eye drops or drops that are specially formulated to reduce redness. You can also put on navy blue eyeliner to make your eyes appear whiter.

You may also find that you have some redness or discoloration under your eyes or on your nose after crying. Some color-correcting concealer can get rid of that redness. Or you can add some blush or red lipstick to distract from any pinkness elsewhere in your face.

It’s important to remember to drink water after you’ve been crying. Crying dehydrates you, which can leave you feeling exhausted and even more drained than you already are. So once you get back to your desk, get a cup of water and focus on rehydrating.

Learn to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Sometimes you have to keep a professional face on even when the going gets tough. Knowing how to get rid of puffy eyes after you’ve been crying can raise your confidence and help you avoid unwanted conversations. Remember, focus on cooling measures and on moving that fluid away from your eyes.

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