The Best Tips & Advice for Family Camping in Winter

family camping

Camping is often reserved for the warmer months. The sand and surf are rife, the days are long, and the sun is beaming – but what about the rest of the year? Although winter camping might not be as popular as summertime trips, it can still be an amazing way to relax and enjoy some quiet time in the outside. The colder weather and risk of rain often deters families from heading out during winter, but it’s actually a great time of year to go as long as you prepare properly – here’s how:

Layer Up

The first and arguably most obvious tip is to dress for the weather! Keep a watchful eye on the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Layers are always the best option for staying toasty in all cold weather, so be sure to tuck a few pairs of thermals into your suitcase. If the idea of a chilly sleeping bag makes you shiver, bring along your duvet from home. This will be a welcome added comfort on bitterly cold nights. Always remember to pack merino wool blend beanies, socks and gloves for extra warmth all day long.

Take Advantage of the Campfire

There’s no better time to huddle around the campfire than in the winter months! A crisp, cold evening will be warmed right up with a few layers and a roaring fire to keep you cosy. You’ll be able to cook your meals, make s’mores and bask in the warmth of the ever-resourceful campfire. A communal fire is a great opportunity to meet some people and potentially make a few new friends, so this is perfect if you want a slightly more social trip for you and the family.

Find a Forward Fold

A forward fold camper trailer is kind of an essential for camping all year round, but in winter it’s especially handy. You’ll be able to stay warm and protected from the harsher elements, you’ll enjoy a few comforting amenities and you can store all your equipment too! With options for shows and cooking, a forward fold really is your home away from home.

winter camping

Keep Moving

You and the family will need to keep your bodies moving to keep yourselves warm. Make sure that you engage in some rigorous physical activity to make the most out of your outdoors trip and to keep your muscles happy. Go on orienteering adventures, long walks and play some capture the flag on the campground, whatever gets the heart rate up!

Precook Some Hearty Meals

Precooking meals is always important when you’re going on a family camping trip, you don’t always have it in you to cook! However, in winter, it’s even more important to precook some hearty, filling meals. Warming foods like chillies, curries and risottos will heat you from within and charge you with the energy you need to keep active and toasty on your trip. You can reheat these over the campfire for a fun and charming evening out in nature.

Bring Entertainment

With the sun going down earlier and earlier in winter months, you’ll need to pack some entertainment to avoid the family getting restless. Bring along board games, playing cards, some arts and crafts and books. This will keep you all entertained when it’s dark out and there isn’t much to get up to on the campsite.

By following these top tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to have an amazing winter camping experience that you and the whole family will remember for a long time to come. When you invest in the camping lifestyle, you want to be able to engage in it all year round – with these pointers, you can! Happy camping!

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