The Best Sport for a Longer Life?


The life expectancy of people in the modern world is steadily increasing, longevity is no longer something out of the ordinary. However, the bright prospects for surviving until the declining years are overshadowed by the fact that a number of serious diseases are likely to develop, among which is a decrease in mental activity or dementia. But scientists are sure: regular walking, cycling, swimming, dancing and even working in the garden can significantly reduce the risk of developing this disease. You can use an article or type on the Internet “write my college research paper” to get to know something more about these researches.

Being sporty is great! If only because the sport is recognized as one of the best ways to change your life for the better. You literally build yourself, and it’s not just physical change.

Which sport influences the most?

People who play tennis or football, on average, live longer than runners and cyclists. About how many additional years of life can add tennis and other sports – in our material.

Danish scientists conducted an experiment in which they tried to find out how different sports affect life expectancy. In total, scientists studied the lifestyle of 9 thousand people for 25 years, and the results of the experiment were published in the scientific journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

It turned out that team sports and other types that require work with a partner (tennis, badminton) showed the best result in life expectancy. They were much inferior to people who led a sedentary lifestyle. And they lost all the “individualists” – that is, those who play sports, where a partner or teamwork is not needed. Hello to all my friends from the rocking chair – guys, we are in the risk zone! We need to communicate more and help each other in the rocking chair, and this is not a joke. Social interaction is really important!

Be social

Experts conducted an experiment and established a sport that was more effective than jogging, swimming, and cycling. More than 8 thousand volunteers took part in the experiment, specialists studied their health and lifestyle, in particular, how often they played sports and which ones. Experts believe that the social aspect plays a big role.

Moreover, scientists have noticed an increase in athletic performance due to social interactions. And this applies to both men and women! Yes, guys, we are by no means individualists and “lone wolves”, which we love to look like under an hour. Man is a social being.

Scientists watched people involved in sports such as cycling, swimming, running, tennis, football, and badminton. Why these sports? Because this study was conducted by the University of Copenhagen, and these sports are popular in Denmark. Alas, neither fitness nor chess is common there. By the way, about chess is not a joke, they really have a good effect on health, because they support the brain until old age. Scientists have studied not only athletes and athletes but also their peers, who led a sedentary lifestyle.

Why is sport useful?

Studies on the effect of physical activity on maintaining mental performance in older people began to be conducted long ago. However, not all of them allowed monitoring the health of the participants for several decades. However, this year scientists made a definite discovery. They analyzed the data of the experimental group, launched in 1989.

Participants at the start of the study were at least 65 years old; they all underwent a medical examination and magnetic resonance imaging to determine the presence of cognitive impairment. Then they all underwent a survey – scientists wanted to find out how many calories each study participant spends on a daily basis, as well as whether they are engaged in a focused physical exercise.

As it turned out, those of the participants who regularly went in for sports and led an active lifestyle retained more of the gray matter needed for clarity of thought and a solid memory. Indicative was the result of those participants who began to increase physical activity during the experiment. The amount of gray matter in them has also increased, and perception and the emotional response have intensified along the way.

How many years of life does sport add?

So, what conclusions did the scientists?

  1. First, the most obvious – the worst survival results were among people who did not play sports at all. They were taken as a zero point of reference.
  2. Lovers of running, on average, lived 3.2 years longer than the people who conduct a sessile lifestyle.
  3. Cycling added 3.7 years. By the way, on average, fans of running and cycling spend four or more hours per week on this.
  4. Swimming – 3.8 years. Swimming is a good sport, it sets up a rather gentle regime for our body.
  5. Now go to the leaders of the list:
  6. Football added 5 years.
  7. Badminton added 6.2 years.
  8. Tennis added 9.7 years! Tennis fans live almost 10 years more than those who ignore the sport!

Social aspects come to the fore in matters of longevity. It has long been proven that people who are active in society live longer. Social connections load the brain with useful work. And in old age, it is the healthy brain that comes out on top among the longevity factors. The second important aspect of such sports is that they relieve stress better. And stress is one of the most negative factors that destroy health worse than tobacco.

Sport is the fastest and most natural way to change the body and soul! What can we say about how it affects health? Bones are strengthened, memory improves, immunity increases and the risk of developing many serious diseases (diabetes mellitus type II, some types of cancer) decreases. The benefits of sport are indisputable. Feel on yourself all the effects that it has, and share your experience with friends!

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