The Best Places To Buy Art

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Looking to buy some artwork? Here are a few great places to buy art that are suitable for all budgets.

Online sites

There are lots of sites online where you can buy art affordably. The likes of Etsy attract artists and craftspeople from all around the world – they can be a great place to look for cheap and unique independent art as there are so many works to choose from. There are also plenty of more expensive sites out there for more serious art collectors. Artwork can sometimes look very different online to how it looks in person so bear this in mind – don’t be afraid to ask for extra photos of information such as the size and weight so that you know it’s practical for your needs.


For a chance to buy works from breaking artists, why not consider approaching art colleges directly. Many have sales on for students’ artwork for which students themselves earn money from. There are also sites like Degree Art that specialise in selling works from college graduates and undergraduates. Prices can vary widely – it can depend a lot on how much attention an artist has already garnered.


Most people think of art auctions as places for selling expensive pieces to investors. Whilst these auctions do exist, there are also auctions where you can get good quality art at very affordable prices – usually because the artist is unknown or it’s just not to most people’s taste. This guide at Art Space offers more information on buying art at an auction.

Private galleries

Many private galleries sell artworks as well as displaying them. One of the most renowned private galleries (and the largest in the world) is Park West Gallery, which regularly sells commissioned pieces. These can often be places for serious collectors, but you can sometimes still strike a good deal if you’re on a tight budget. They’re sometimes a great chance to see great art, talk to artists and converse with other art enthusiasts – even if you don’t plan to buy anything.

Craft fairs

Local craft fairs can be a great place for supporting local artists. You’re not going to find any famous works here, but you could still find some great quality pieces of art – most of which are likely to be very affordable. Scouting out craft fairs isn’t easy, although nowadays they tend to be advertised online. This guide at Creative Live offers information on how to find craft fairs in your area.

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