The Best Exercises to Shed Weight in 2018

CorePower Yoga

It’s finally 2018 – and with every new year comes a new fitness craze to help you shed fat and gain muscle. Whether you’re motivated by health problems, body confidence or an ex-lover, there’s no better time than New Year’s to get in the best shape of your life. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for discovering the best exercises for rocking your New Year’s body! If you want to slim down and get lean for 2018, then read on for some badass workouts you’re going to love in the new year.

Nike Training Club

Need a convenient workout that you can tackle on the go? Then download the Nike Training Club app 100% for free. There, you can access tons of different workouts with bodyweight, gym equipment and even instruction from your favorite celebs. You can also generate a custom training plan based on your fitness level, with the option to add runs with the Nike Running app. A lot of women avoid running if they are overweight as it can be a real stress on the body, especially the breasts. If it is a big concern and causing you a lot of discomfort you could consider breast reduction which you can find out more about here.


If you need variation in your workout routine, then ClassPass might be the best thing since sliced bread for your health and fitness. With ClassPass, you can sign up for a monthly membership that lets you take anywhere from three to ten classes at studios around your city. From barre to boxing, there’s something in this membership that will appeal to every side of your fitness persona.


Want to pedal your heart out to some of the hottest hits on the radio? Then SoulCycle is the workout you’re going to be obsessed with in the New Year. Since celebs like Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise swear by it, you know you’re going in for a burn with this bicycle workout in 2018.

Pole Fitness

This workout will make you feel as sexy as a stripclub dancer: seriously! In your local pole fitness studio, you’ll learn some provocative moves inspired by exotic dancers while building some killer upper body strength. So, not only will you have the bod to rock your favorite going-out dresses, but you’ll also have some fresh new moves to whip out on the dancefloor!

OrangeTheory Fitness

The cool thing about OrangeTheory is that it’s based on hitting target heart rates, rather than prescribed intensity levels or number of calories burned. In other words, this workout will literally help you get “in the zone!” Bouncing between treadmills, rowing machines, TRX bands and weights, you’ll never get bored with an OrangeTheory workout.

CorePower Yoga

If you’re sick of doing crunches and can’t get enough of your Monday morning meditation sessions, then you’ll love CorePower Yoga. As you can tell from the name, CorePower Yoga will totally crush your abs by dialing up the intensity on some of your favorite yoga poses. In this challenging, dynamic style of yoga, you’ll build a better body and a calmer mind that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2018.

Pure Barre

Speaking of raising the bar, Pure Barre is the grown-up version of the ballet classes you took as a kid that you need in your life for 2018. Barre combines different sequences of dance-inspired sculpting moves. Incorporating interesting equipment like light weights, balls and tubes, you’ll never have as much fun building a lean dancer’s bod as you will in your local Pure Barre studio.

Cardio Kickboxing

Last but not least, cardio kickboxing is the heart-rate boosting workout favored by supermodels the world over for its fat-shedding, muscle-building properties. But don’t worry: you won’t be going toe-to-toe in the ring during your first class. Instead, you’ll be boxing at a bag using gloves and wraps provided by the studio, with tons of guidance from an experienced instructor.

Altogether, these exercises will each help you lose weight and shed fat in 2018 to get your best body ever. For the best results, try combining a mix of the most appealing options for a well-rounded training plan and a well-sculpted bod.

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