The Best Apps for Students in 2017


Mobile technology is great. Apps can be brilliant fun; they can also be incredibly useful. If you are lucky enough to be studying in 2017, these are some of the apps you absolutely need to download. From fun to serious, they’ve got it all covered.

For Time

Organization is a big problem for many students. But it’s also the one thing that will make your life easier. If you struggle with organization, time management or just getting out of bed in the morning, there is an app to help you. Some of the best include:

  • Self-Control. This app allows you to block websites you find distracting. Thus, allowing you to devote time to studying when it matters.
  • Sleep If U Can. A great alarm app, which forces you to get out of bed. It won’t stop until you get up and take a photo.
  • The ultimate app for keeping your studies organized and allowing you to work on the go.

For Revision

Apps are completely revolutionizing the way we revise. They can make it more organized, more fun, and a lot easier to remember. Try StudyBlue if you like to use flash cards, or the revision app, which has many different styles and resources you can use. Other apps, such as Benchprep, let you look at official revision materials and practice questions.

For Food

Using apps to help you with your shopping can save you money, as well as helping you eat a varied and balanced diet. Try Checkout51, for up to date offers and deals when you are planning your shop. Then Yummly for some fantastic, easy to follow recipes.

For Money

Money might be one of your biggest worries; after all, university can be exceptionally expensive. While there are ways to lower your expenses, and online study can be cheaper – just see Portland State University for examples of online criminology degree tuition fees – saving as much as you can will be a huge help. Whether it’s an app to help you budget like PocketGuard, or an app to help you save money, such as Acorn, they can be a huge help.

For Exercise

Exercising is incredibly important for students, especially those studying online. So, if you are looking at criminal justice degree admissions, think about downloading a fitness app, like Nike Run Club, to help you get out there exercising. This will help you stay fit and healthy long after you graduate.

For Fun

As well as working hard, university is a great time to have fun. While big days or nights out with friends are fantastic, sometimes you just need a little break. There are some wonderfully simple gaming apps to help you do just this. Try retro games like Snake or Pac Man to really give your brain a rest.

Whatever it is you need help with, there’s an app for it. These are by no means the only options; have a look round, play with them, and find the ones that are right for you.

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