The best and cheapest internet providers for Netflix

There’s no doubting Netflix’s popularity in Australia, with thousands of people joining since the streaming platform began in March 2015. We enjoy watching material on-demand on shows which have taken precedence over traditional, free-to-air entertainment on our television screens. However, in order to fully view your favourite episodes and films, you’ll need a faster and more reliable connection to the internet.

Australia isn’t recognized for having the fastest internet speeds in the world. While the NBN is supposed to provide faster connections – and evidence shows that they are – our need for high speeds is growing as a result of our constant desire for streaming.

So, according to Netflix, let’s identify the best and the cheapest internet plan in Australia that assures the users the low cost of streaming. 

Netflix’s Best Internet Providers

Netflix has rated Australia’s best online streaming services, 

  • 3.4Mbps Dodo/iPrimus
  • 3.4Mbps iiNet
  • 3.6Mbps Telstra
  • 3.6Mbps TPG

The Netflix, ISP speed index shows the monthly average bit rate for material streamed to Netflix members during prime time. Netflix uses Megabits per second to generate the rankings for all accessible end-user devices (Mbps). Then you may select the cheapest internet plan in Australia for which you’d want to contrast service providers.

During peak hours (i.e. nights from 7 pm to 11 pm), Netflix downloading speeds are likely longer. As a result, the speeds listed above may be greater when fewer individuals are streaming, such as morning hours and mid-afternoon.

Netflix requires a minimum connection speed of 0.5Mbps, although this will result in poor visual quality. The faster your upload speed, the higher the quality of your broadcast will be.

Dodo/iPrimus for Netflix Streaming

Dodo and iPrimus, both part of the Vocus Communications group, deliver comparable speeds, and Netflix streaming performance is currently comparable to that of more costly suppliers like Telstra.

Dodo and Primus provide some of the most affordable and straightforward limitless data plans available, with Dodo starting at $65 per month for NBN 25 speeds, $75 for NBN 50 speeds, and $85 for NBN 100 speeds. Dodo and Primus may be best suited to you if money is more important than flat-out Streaming speed.

TPG’s for Netflix Streaming

TPG is very consistent in this intermediate position, yet it still operates admirably. Despite its underdog status in comparison to Telstra and Optus, the Telco continues to be one of Australia’s most common ISPs. TPG provides limitless internet at $59.99 per month (on NBN 12), with unlimited calls included for an additional $10 per month.

If you want something quicker, NBN 50 starts at $69.99 per month, while NBN 100 starts at $89.99 per month.

iiNet’s for Netflix Streaming

iiNet was the top-ranked ISP on our list back in June 2015, but that does not mean it has dropped; rather, several have just pulled up. The cheapest unlimited package from iiNet is $69.99 per month, with voice packs starting at $10 more. NBN 25 speeds are included at this pricing, with NBN 50 speeds accessible for $74.99 per month on a six-month contract.


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