The Best Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Productivity


Productivity is the goal of companies and professionals. They come up with many strategies, try hacks, and use tools in an effort to increase their productivity. But the most determining factor of a person’s productivity is not what’s on the outside; rather, it’s what’s on the inside.

The mind is a powerful thing. When trained right, it can push you to the heights of success. However, it’s not infallible. It can get distracted, demotivated, and exhausted just as the body can. As a result, the person loses their productivity and creativity.

Learn how to keep both through the best advice ever heard about productivity.

Set Clear and Challenging Goals

People who set goals are more successful than those who don’t. Goals will lead you to the path you want to pursue. When the going gets tough, your goals will be your reminder why you’re working so hard. But there’s a catch. The goals you set should be clear and challenging.

Instead of setting a vague goal like improving your monthly productivity, aim for something like completing all your tasks at the end of the day or submitting x reports within a set period. This is much clearer than just saying you’re going to increase your productivity. As you get more and more efficient, you can increase the number of things you need to do to challenge yourself.

Set clear and challenging goals to push yourself into action, direct your passion, and keep your mind sharp. You will be more productive as a result.

Put It on Paper

Your goals should not remain as dreams or abstract plans in your mind. You have to write them all down on paper. Goals that don’t see the light of day can be forgotten or neglected.

Putting your goals on paper makes them more tangible and less likely to be forgotten. Whenever you see that piece of paper (where your goals are written), you will be reminded of what you’re working for, and it will reaffirm your conviction to follow the path you chose.

Listing your goals or tasks on paper will also help you keep better track of everything you need to do. This will help you manage your time and be more productive.

Get Started Now

The first step is usually the hardest step to take when you’re pursuing your goal or starting on a new task. Because once you take it, there’s no going back. It’s overwhelming and sometimes terrifying, but you won’t go anywhere if you don’t take the first step.

Don’t give yourself the time to let the fear and anxiety sink in. Once they settle, you’ll be paralyzed for a long time and lose the motivation to pursue your goals. If you’re doing a new project, don’t set conditions for yourself to get started. Take Nike’s advice and just do it.

Lessen Distractions

Distractions are the bane of productivity. First, it destroys your focus and cuts off your “flow.” When that happens, you have a harder time getting back to work, so you’ll look for more things to occupy your bored self.

In the end, you’ll lose more time to be productive. And it goes on and on until you finally get rid of all distractions and force yourself to focus on what you have to do.

Avoid getting distracted from your goal or task by keeping away all the things that may distract you. Put your phone on silent mode while working. Find a quiet area where you can focus on finishing your task. It’s natural to get tired after working straight for a few hours, so take a scheduled short break to give your mind a time to rest.

If you’re a writer, an author, a journalist, or even a student, you can increase your productivity by using tools like the portable smart typewriter, which lessens distractions and allows you to focus on writing your article, book, or report.

Take a Breather

As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This applies to you too. Working without stopping to take a breather will destroy your enthusiasm and motivation for your goal or task, as well as make you feel stressed and exhausted.

Taking a break is important to refresh your mind after working for long stretches. It lessens the strain on your brain and improves your productivity and creativity. Constant sitting is also harmful to your mind and your body. It puts you at risk of heart diseases, back pain, diabetes, and depression. Taking a short walk, doing some stretches, and being on the move for a few minutes are essential to your physical and psychological health.

Periods of rest and relaxation can renew your motivation for pursuing your long-term goals. Take the time to go on a vacation, refresh your mind and energy, look for new inspiration to sustain your passion and motivation through the long journey.

Final Word

It’s not about how much time you have that’s important but what you do with it. In the same way, being productive means making the most of the time, knowledge, skills, and tools that you have now. If you want to be productive, you have to set clear and challenging goals and stop waiting for the right time or right place to pursue them.

You just have to start and work hard to achieve them. You will encounter difficulties and distractions along the way, but don’t lose sight of your goals. Take breaks to replenish your motivation and refresh your mind; then can you start the pursuit again.


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