The benefits of writing top-notch content for bloggers and site owners

relevant content

One of the important components of having a great SEO strategy is content marketing. In comparison with traditional marketing techniques, content marketing is a lot cheaper and if done well it is also more effective. Especially in an online world that is characterized by connectivity with the help of social media, relevant content marketing can give your company or blog an enormous boost. Content Marketing allows you to make your website an online success. By showing your expertise you can make your website or blog an online success. Read the content marketing tips below and improve your content strategy.

Google loves content

Google loves content marketing. Because Google has the same goal: to provide people with the content they are looking for. Publishing relevant content regularly and frequently, for example via a blog, contributes to a better ranking. An advertising campaign is temporary. But with great content you win in the long run. Content remains online and keeps its value as long as you can find it on google and the content is relevant and attractive.

Post regularly

A website or blog that is not maintained on a regular base will probably not be relevant according to the Google robot. This means if you regularly publish new content on your website, you will get a better ranking within organic search results. Due to Google’s changed algorithms, that ranking is more and more related to the quality of your content. Google knows better and better what good and relevant content is and rewards websites that offers this.

Become  the authority in your field

Top-notch content can make you an authority in your field. What is especially important is that the content marketing is relevant and has depth. It must offer solutions to the questions that your target audience would have. It’s easy to write a lot of content. But it is less easy to dominate your field. So find a way to stand out from your competitors. A post that offers every possible answer to a question is super convenient for a reader. Your target audience then only needs to visit one page to find a clear solution to his problem. In this way you can build a relationship with your readers. And they will come back for more content.

Content is fuel for social media

The most powerful form of advertising is still word-of-mouth. With good content you give your target audience a reason to talk about your brand, blog or website on social media. This way you work on your online visibility and build brand awareness.

relevant content

The text must be written for your readers

Relevant content works, it must be recognizable and evoke a feeling. Recognize the problems of your readers and then offer the solution. Don’t write your text full with ‘we’ and ‘my company’ when it comes to content marketing for small businesses focus on your readers and say words like ‘you’. Use the appropriate tone of voice. If you have a young target audience make the content more playful and add lots of images. Can you express your expertise or should you use simple language to explain clearly? You can even create a fictional character that is a model for your target group just to make you create better content.

Create a ‘funnel’

Depending on what you offer on your website create a funnel. This means you push your readers in a certain direction. This can be a strong call-to-action for example at the end of the article you can stimulate people to sign up for your newsletters to increase your readership. You can also have a chat function built in that shows up as a pop-up when visitors land on a certain page of your website.

Trust and transparency

Content improves brand trust. The key to a competitive advantage is to be proactive and reliable. Creating content that is so valuable that people would pay for it, but that you offer it to them for free, is a reliable way to win trust from your visitors. In other words, if your goal is to win trust, you must strive to avoid sales talk. And give your target
group information that is truly valuable.

Keep visitors coming back to your site

Website visitors know very well what they are looking for and what information they want. When you serve them with relevant content your target audience will keep coming for more. And readers that are truly interested are easier to convert with a call-to-action.

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