The benefits of Muay Thai training for weight loss in Thailand for the whole body

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial art and it is known as a national sport in Thailand. Muay Thai is one of the oldest martial arts. In the war between Thailand and Burma in 1767, Burma occupied the capital of Thailand, and in that way, Burma destroyed part of sources about arts and tradition of Muay Thai.

Let’s get back in the history of Muay Thai, in order to understand better this martial art. Thai were living in southwest China. In the 9th century, particular groups started settling the area of nowadays northwest Thailand. This settling lasted to the 13th century. Some sources say that Muay Thai was founded in that time, like one way of self-defence, because of constant battles with other nations. Other sources tell us that Muay Thai was founded in 1560, when Thailand’s king got captured. The freedom was promised to him if he beat the Burma’s masters of martial arts. King won and from that moment Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand.

Muay Thai was developed from ordinary martial arts. When sword and spear are not in condition for use anymore, the warrior has to use his legs, fists and elbows. The classic and traditional variant of Muay Thai was called Muay Thai Boran, and it wasn’t used only for fights with different weapons, but also for fights with different moves. Those moves are much different than nowadays Muay Thai moves.

Popularity of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is becoming more and more famous by each new day. One of the reasons is because big number of famous actors and musicians said that they maintain their form by training exactly this sport. Trainers of this sport give advice to the beginners to put an accent on learning as best as possible martial arts techniques, and only then they can try to train with sparring partners. This is one of the most common themes in training camps for Muay Thai. Here are some reasons why you should practice Muay Thai.

Reduces anxiousness

At first glance, it seems like sparring can only increase the level of anxiousness, but the truth is that the fight is going to affect you in a relaxing way, somehow it works like that. First of all, there is the fact that says when you are sparring you will not have enough time for thinking, because you are going to constantly react on every opponent’s move. That high intensive focus will be beneficial for eliminating everyday stress. If martial arts taught us something, that is the lesson about how much we have to appreciate the present moment. Also, Muay Thai from can be good for your mental health, because of a similar reason.

It improves balance

All that is required from you is to stand on one leg, like when you are kicking in Muay Thai. It improves your balance. When you reach the advanced level in this sport, you are going to be forced to constantly kicking your opponent in high height. If you fall down, not only that you will get wounded, but according to rules referees will take your points. Referees in this sport rate grace of moves, too, so a balance has a crucial role in the training process. Taking this in consideration, it is very important to show excellent control of body movement during a fight.

It helps muscles to grow

Unless like other martial arts which put an accent on hands and feet, Muay Thai includes elbows and knees. “You are moving, you are punching and defending from different angles, so all your muscles and energetic system are activated”, this was said by one professional coach. Kicking works on your core, hips and gluteus, while punches with fists strengthen arms and abdomen. Of course, we talk about a very demanding sport, and you are going to burn a lot of calories, that’s why this sport is perfect for weight loss.

Intensive cardio training

Cardio training is no joke. Many coaches were training this sport in Thailand, before they started learning different techniques, they had to do 500 punches in a bag. That’s why Muay Thai fighters getting muscle form as well as they activating whole central nervous system and cardiovascular system too. In order to prepare for all requirements, you need to run on a daily basis, to rope jumping, and to prepare your body for hundreds of punches. That’s also how you improve your fitness.

It makes your reflexes better

Unfortunately, you are not going to be only one, who gives punches with an elbow, the same thing will be tried by your opponent, which means that you will have to react quickly. There are so many different punches in Muay Thai, and several ways to defend from one particular punch at a time. You can dodge the punch, block it or give contra-punches. You have to be quick in deciding which defensive move you are going to use and that requires fast reactions, and that’s why Muay Thai improves your reflexes. The reason behind that is that your brain and your muscles communicate in a more effective way. It will affect your reactions in everyday situations, you are just going to react faster, especially when you are under pressure.

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