The Benefits Of Buying Loose Diamonds Online

If you are the kind of person that loves creativity and individuality, you won’t be looking for a diamond engagement ring that’s ready-made, rather you would prefer to deal with a skilled custom jeweller who can source the loose diamonds and cut them to your specifications. The loose stone market is complex and if you are looking to acquire loose stones to create a diamond engagement ring, this is a speciality of the custom jewellery maker.

Trade Prices

As an ordinary citizen, you are not able to acquire loose diamonds at trade prices. While there are organisations that will sell you loose precious stones, you will end up paying a lot more than if you dealt with a jewellery maker, who can acquire the diamonds at trade prices.

It’s a good thing that a registered jewellery maker can deal directly with diamond wholesalers, greatly reducing the cost of the stones, while you decide the cut and all the other aspects of the ring design. If you are planning to design an Argyle diamond engagement ring with stunning pink diamonds, you will save on the loose diamond price if you let the jeweller acquire the stones.

Knowing Your Diamonds

It is very unwise to purchase loose diamonds of any kind if you have no knowledge of diamond grading and with a couple of hours on the Gem Institute of America’s website, you will gain a basic understanding of the 4C grading system that is used to grade all precious stones. The 4Cs represent colour, cut, clarity and carat, which is the weight of the stone, and every loose diamond should be accompanied by a GIA Certificate that states the properties of the diamond.

Cut Out The Middleman

If you approach a custom jewellery maker, you are saving money, as they can acquire the selected loose stones you need at trade prices and that means your custom diamond engagement ring will be no more expensive than a ring off the shelf. If you live in the area, there are handcrafted engagement rings Melbourne showcases that are designed to the client’s specifications. Other locations around the world also have their own reputable jewellers that can provide you with exquisite options. All it takes to source such jewellers is a Google search.

GIA Certification

You need not worry about being sold a handful of quartz, as every authentic diamond comes with a GIA certificate, which is your guarantee of authenticity and if it is not possible to travel to the custom jeweller’s studio, you and the jeweller can have a Zoom meeting, when you can actually see the stones in fine detail.

Many people mistakenly think that a custom diamond engagement ring is out of their price range, so once you have calculated your budget, search with Google and talk to a respected custom jewellery maker, who can turn your ring concept into reality. Choosing every aspect of the ring design allows you to create a one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring that will really turn heads and as you know your partner’s taste in jewellery, you can create a surprise that she will never forget.

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