The benefits of Botox


I think almost everyone with wrinkles has secretly thought about botox, because botox also has many benefits. You can say what you want about botox but the benefits are great: you can get rid of your wrinkles within 15 minutes. It is not for nothing that these injectables are so popular with all celebrities and movie stars.

If there’s one thing that can help you get rid of your wrinkles, it’s botox. If you use it in the right way and have it set by a good plastic surgeon or cosmetic doctor, Botox really has many benefits.

What are the benefits of botox?

– The biggest advantage of botox is of course that it makes your wrinkles disappear. With a few injections you are guaranteed to get rid of your wrinkles in the coming months.

– Botox makes you look a lot more rested. Especially the wrinkles around your eyes often give you a tired impression. Kids that keep you up at night, a hangover that lasts at least a day after a night out; above thirty, the first line under your eyes appears. With botox you can make your crow’s feet disappear like snow in the sun and this makes you look a lot less tired. Some people prefer to keep it hidden from the outside world that they are using botox, but are often told by friends and family that they look so good after the treatment.

– In addition, botox is not permanent. If you are not satisfied with the result, you will have your own face back after 4 months. It is often the case that many users of Botox want the opposite, they are completely fans of the result and before the Botox has disappeared from their face, they are already back with their plastic surgeon or cosmetic doctor for a new injection.

– Especially for the frown lines, the use of botox is a miracle cure. The frown wrinkle causes many people to have a bit of an angry look. Botox ensures that these two lines between your eyebrows disappear and you no longer look permanently grumpy. Bet that everyone is a lot nicer to you now that you go through life so cheerfully?

– In addition, botox was released in 1989 for all kinds of medical purposes for a reason. For example, botox has helped many people with their migraines, profuse sweating and drooping eyelids.

The most important thing with botox is that you have it done by a good cosmetic doctor or a plastic surgeon. Find someone you feel comfortable with.

It’s been a year since I had my first botox treatment and I thought it was time to share my experience! A year ago I had several complaints, namely severe headaches, a tired face and to be honest… I was bothered by the wrinkles in my forehead. That is how I ended up trying botox.

After my first botox treatment I noticed that I felt much more energetic. Because my eyes didn’t hang anymore (little lift) and I didn’t have to raise my eyebrows every day! It was so much more relaxing! Apart from the rest, I no longer had to bother with those wrinkles.


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