The Beauty & The Taste online boutique for fine wines

Wine is, among other things because of its shelf life and weight, actually extremely suitable for online purchase and home delivery. The problem of many potential wine lovers, in webshops but also in the traditional wine trade and in department stores was that they were uncertain whether the wine fits their taste profile and whether the wine has a good price/quality ratio. Choosing quality over quantity and opting for a wine that fits well with a dish is something wine lovers appreciate.  Nowadays many wine lovers prefer to drink wines at home instead of drinking wines in restaurants. This trend has been clear for several years but is expected to manifest even more strongly in the coming years.  

Reviewed by certified sommeliers

The Beauty & The Taste is an online boutique for fine wines. They indicate how a wine tastes, what score the wine gets and other extensive information about the wine. This helps wine lovers to choose the right wine more easily. All the wines are scored by important wine critics and scored 89/100 or above. And the fine wines are tasted and reviewed by certified sommeliers.

Wine advice for each dish

The Beauty & The Taste has a great selection of exclusive fine wines and it is easy to see if something falls in your taste profile. You can browse their collection of wines by your personal taste preferences. This way you have better access to wine knowledge, compare the taste factors of wines and dishes, and comes with appropriate wine advice for each dish. Combining wine with dishes can be a complex matter. You have the basic rules (white wine with fish, shellfish and white meat, red wine with red meat, etc), but the choice of the appropriate wine is certainly also determined by vegetables, sauces, spices, texture, etc.

Planning a dinner

Do you plan a special dinner for friends or family. And do you have to organize it yourself? Of course, you want your dinner to be a success. The intensity of the taste of a wine is very important to find the right wine and food combination. You can serve light wines with delicate, light dishes and full wines with dishes that have a lot of taste and body. White wines such as Sauvignon Blanc are often fresh due to the higher acidity. These wines go best with dishes that also taste fresh. Older ripe wines are great to combine with full and intense dishes that include truffle or Parmesan cheese.

Top wines for special occasions

In addition to everyday fine wines, The Beauty & The Taste offers exclusive top wines from different regions. As these top wines age in good conditions, they not only develop deep, interwoven and complex aromas but also beautiful textures and taste. The Beauty & The Taste offers vintages that showcase the wine at its very peak. So you can enjoy them straight away.  You experience sensory experiences with it that are not possible with the daily wines. With their extensive wine knowledge, you will enjoy top wines more on any special occasion.

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