The Beauty Of Antique Cameo Jewellery

antique cameo

Cameos are probably one of the most popularly reproduced styles of jewellery, and there is no wonder due to their beauty and elegance. Affordable cameos can now be bought in many high street shops for next to nothing, however nothing beats a true antique piece of cameo jewellery. Cameos are best known for being portraits carved out of white shell against a coral background, however there is a wide variety of antique cameo jewellery incorporating many materials and designs which will always be a popular style for many people.

cameo antique

If you love classic and antique jewellery then a cameo is a must have for your jewellery collection. In the 18th century they were very popular pieces for day wear, however with their unique and elegant designs they can be suitable for any occasion. Brooches were a popular choice of cameo jewellery, however you are able to find an array of different pieces ranging from pendants to hat pins. The definition of a cameo is an ornament carved from a high quality material such as coral, ivory, mother of pearl, stone, shell, lava or bog oak, however they were later crafted from plastic or glass in costume jewellery to create more affordable pieces.


Cameos changed and developed a lot over the years, however they still carried the same beautiful aesthetic and their popularity never decreased. Over centuries they have represented different meanings and levels of status, for example in 19th century Italy lava cameos became status symbols which many women travelled for, and in the 1800s they were a symbol of reign in France. Although the most popular cameo motif over the years has been the classic portrait of a women often bearing a likeness to celebrities, rulers, scholars and philosophers of the day, they also incorporated images of mythology, religious figures and floral designs.


Cameo pieces of antique jewellery (such as these from Laurelle Antique Jewellery) aren’t the most common to come across, and due to the difference in designs it will be personal preference to which you want to invest in. However, there will always be a unique beauty to cameo jewellery unlike any other style. Depending on the material it is made from will depend on the price, however it will be a wearable piece which will last you a lifetime.

antique cameo jewelry

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