The Art of Getting Noticed with that One of a Kind Look

Whenever fashion week comes around in London, Paris, New York, Milan and what fashion critics are calling the 16 new fashion capitals of the world, everyone scurries to buy the nearest ‘look-alike’ wardrobes they can afford. Of course most ladies can’t afford to go out and outfit themselves with brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta or Prada so why not create that one of a kind look that will get you noticed whenever you walk into a room?

You don’t need to spend thousands on a single dress to wear for that evening out on Broadway and you certainly don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars each month to get your hair done at the most chic salons around the country. What you can do is take a few tips on how to create a style that is all YOU and run with it.

Go with What You Have Going for You

The funny thing is, while most ladies want that perfect body, skin tone or hair color, each person is a unique individual, that is to say unless they have a doppelganger out there somewhere, they are born with what they have. Why not take a long, honest look at yourself in the mirror to figure out what your most attractive feature is and then design your look to emphasize that. Is it your eyes? If so, your look needs to work to focus everything upwards and towards the face.

Do you have amazingly long and slender fingers that would be the envy of a virtuoso pianist? Perhaps you have a long and slender neck that gives you that regal look. Accessorize with ‘one of a kind’ antique jewelry that you can find only at vintage shops or estate brokers. No matter what part of your body is your ‘best,’ that’s the focal point you will design your look around.

Choose Your Best Color as Your Workaround

Your favorite color may not be your best color, so keep that in mind. Based on your skin tone, eye and hair color, some shades just work better for you. Choose one color or maybe varying shades of that color and make that the basis for your wardrobe. Even if your best color is bright red or deep purple, that can be a hue in most of your standard articles of clothing. Or, if it is a color that is just too bright or too obnoxious, use it sparingly in accessories such as scarves, hats and in prints you choose to wear. You do have a best color, don’t you? Everyone does!

Define Your Body Type and Live with It

Most ladies are loving the fact that stick figure models are slinking back into the shadows. Even Victoria’s Secret is using ‘thicker’ models that have voluptuous curves that so appeal to men, so if you are a bit round, well live with it! Plan your wardrobe to accentuate the body parts you like best and that will underplay those you’d like to hide. Just because this year’s models are wearing low-cut bust lines that show lots of cleavage doesn’t mean that you need to mimic their trend with a cup size B that just wouldn’t work. No, you don’t need to go get a breast enhancement surgery. Just choose tops that give you a ‘bigger’ look if that’s what you are trying to achieve and make your bust line work for you.

A Blast from the Past

Most Millennials don’t know who Cyndi Lauper is or if they do, they don’t know what an impact this one crazy singer had on fashion in the 80s. Although she had that cute, little girl voice with the heavy Brooklyn accent that made her records a sheer joy to listen to, it was her unique look that gained her the most popularity.

Cyndi didn’t have fashion designers plan her wardrobe. No, what this talented little lady did was shop all the novelty and second-hand stores in New York. She mixed and matched and did amazing things with a wardrobe that in its entirety didn’t cost as much as just one outfit worn by other industry greats at the time. This is something you can do quite easily with the abundance of special shops out there and if you use your imagination, you can create quite a look – a look that will get looks wherever you go.

Don’t settle for the same trending jeans and tops that everyone else is wearing. Why do it? You want to get noticed and the way to do that is simply to create a look that is totally you. From outlandish to conservative, there is a look that suits you so find it, create your own take on it, and finally you will be you. Won’t that be nice?


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