The 6 Top Chic Dress Up Trends You Should Follow This Spring

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Spring has sprung and it’s time to embrace the typical colours of spring, shoving those drab wintery accents to the back of the wardrobe and forget all about them for the next six months. You can infuse your look with a bit of vibrancy and chic, it’s what you deserve after all! So, clear the decks and start topping up your wardrobe with these chic spring trends.

I have good news for you, you won’t need to throw everything out and start again. The great thing about spring is that much of the fashion that works for this season also works for summer, too. That’s good news number one, good news number two is the chic trends this spring are much like those of last year, which means you can keep wearing last year’s wardrobe and make key upgrades to freshen up your look. You must follow OnlineSavings hack or more tips and information on fashion trends this season.

Check out these six chic trends that cannot be missed this spring.

  1. Wear More Pink

Nothing screams spring quite like pink! What spring outfit would be complete without accessories and products with shades of pink? Don’t stop there, though, include dresses and skirts that show off a variety of shades of pink. Yes, the beauty of pink is you can choose hot pink, neon pink, fuchsia, salmon, watermelon, or pastel. Better yet – find an outfit that can incorporate every single shade of pink you own (but only if you really love pink).

You’ll be pretty in pink, for sure.

  1. Handbags at Dawn

You always need a handbag, but there’s less concern about getting caught in a torrential downpour once spring has arrived. Which means you can forget about choosing a non-marking, waterproof number that can withstand water torture. It’s time to invest in a modern and stylish handbag that will work well with a variety of outfits and last you through summer, too.

Remember, you want a handbag that will work for dressy events and also serve as a daytime handbag – it means spending less money and getting more bang for your buck when you’re buying new accessories. So, bear that in mind as you are shopping around.

  1. Tops, Tops, Tops

There’s nothing quite like a skin-tight top (or a baggy number if you prefer) to provide you with both comfort and style. It doesn’t matter which options you choose, what matters is that you feel comfortable wearing it, it adds a touch of class to your overall look, and it makes a statement. There’s something really chic and sexy about the simplicity of a fitted collared shirt matched to a skirt (or shorts) – not everything needs to be complicated.

Since it is spring you can feel comfortable wearing bright colours, so embrace pink, pick yellow, and choose green!

  1. Skirts Are Back

Nothing will be as important this spring as your skirt collection, so make sure you have a fair few in your wardrobe. It’s not going to complete your closet, but with those tight shirts and matching accessories, you can create a stunning spring look that will have every head turning. The great thing about skirts is that you can dress them up as much as you want or keep them casual – it’s all about the top you pair them with, the shoes you choose, and the accessories you wear. So, a skirt you wear to work during the day could easily transform into the ultimate night out fashion.

Create a real wow factor by choosing contrasting colours to really stand out.

  1. Floral Patterns

It doesn’t matter whether you’re choosing a midi dress, skirt, maxi dress, or even a playsuit – floral patterns are all the rage, no matter what season you find yourself in. While the winter months deserve a darker base with brightly coloured floral patterns, spring is a time to let the lighter side shine. Choose pale blues and bright pinks with greens and really celebrate the season.

  1. Light Fabrics

This is truly a no-brainer, you don’t want heavy fabrics to increase your sweat count or weight you down. Now that warmer weather is back, it’s time to embrace cotton, chiffon, and linen. You can choose contrasting colours, matching colours, or really whatever you like – you will look chic and feel comfortable in the sun.


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