The 5 Fastest Ways to Revamp Any Room

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While there are many ways to change the appearance of a room, there are really only a handful of aspects that you need to focus on to create the biggest visual difference. When you set out to give a room a makeover, whether it is a bedroom or a living room, priorities are always a concern because you’ll need to decide which improvements should be done first. After all, you don’t want to exhaust your budget on small touches without actually achieving the goal of radically transforming the room into something new and unique. With that said, by handling the following five kinds of renovations first, you can quickly and reliably revamp any interior space in a matter of days:

1. New Flooring

People tend to watch their step when they enter a room, so the floor is usually the first thing that gets noticed. Switching from an old decrepit carpet to shiny new laminate or hardwood floor is a sure-fire way to give new life to a room that is in desperate need of rejuvenation. Alternatively, you may want to consider having the floors refinished or cleaned if you’d prefer to just touch up the current floor design.

Although DIY floor installation is an option, for the most impressive results, it would be best to deal with flooring specialists like Floor Boys to ensure the job is done properly and with the best equipment and materials. Consulting with professionals is also the best way to get an estimate/quote of what the job is going to cost and how long it’s going to take.

2. Better Lighting

Changing the lighting in a room is an effective way to modify the mood of the environment and compliment the other modifications on this list. Adding lamps and/or strategically placed light fixtures to a room can take away the dark and gloomy feel that comes from being in a space that isn’t well lit. Dimmable lighting systems and colored lights are also options that can give you more control over your room lighting at any given time.

Furthermore, artistic lights (i.e. lava lamps) can add an interesting visual dynamic to an otherwise ordinary space. Plus, bulbs and lamps are some of the most inexpensive adjustments you can make, yet they have the ability to have a profound impact on the way an area is perceived. Customizable lighting configurations that let you adjust the intensity, color and angle of the lights are ideal when you want the ability to quickly change the look of a room on the fly.

3. Feng Shui Furniture and Fixtures

Simply rearranging the furniture can work wonders for giving a room a completely new look. Optimizing the way your furniture is arranged will also have the added benefit of letting you get the most out of your usable square footage. Ideally, you’ll want the room to be open and airy yet equipped with all the components needed to facilitate comfort and creativity.

Having a Feng Shui specialist provide a suggestive consultation is one way to obtain some expert advice before you start randomly trying out different arrangements without any input or insight. Oftentimes, just changing the angle of a few pieces of furniture is all it takes to add the final flair to a newly renovated room.

4. Paint and Color Scheme

Of course, painting the walls and ceiling is another way to drastically change the appearance of a room in a single day. However, it’s very important to be selective about which colors and paint types you use because this decision is a bit more burdensome to reverse later on due to the cost of paint and labor involved. Going with a single static color is always an option, but opting for a multi-colored scheme will give you more design choices when it comes time to accentuate the new paint job with additional decorations.

Fortunately, you won’t have to come up with a fully unique color scheme because you can use an online color scheme generator to try out a variety of compatible combinations until you find one that you like. If you already have the furniture for the room chosen, it would be wise to opt for a scheme that will work well with your existing pieces.

How to Paint a Room: 10 Steps to Painting Walls Like a DIY Pro
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5. Mirrors and Artwork

Finally, adding artwork and/or mirrors to the walls of a room is an excellent way to add finishing touches and give people something intriguing to look at other than blank wall space. While you might be cringing at the potential cost of art, in actuality you can find plenty of great pieces cheaply or even for free by searching through local thrift stores and garage sales. In most cases, your visitors will have no way of knowing what you paid for the paintings on your wall, so aesthetics are much more important than price tags in this department.

Likewise, mirrors have the beneficial effect of making a room look larger and more spacious upon entry. Aside from this minor illusion, mirrors also provide extra viewing angles for guests who may be positioned in a spot that would otherwise be out of view of the TV or lounging area, so it’s a good way to equip yourself to have face-to-face conversations with people who are sitting around the corner.

Take Your Time with Research and Trial & Error

In closing, there’s no need to rush a room renovation to the point where you’re not making the best decisions due to impatience. Give yourself a decent time frame for completing the project and you’ll be able to test out more possible setups before deciding on one that you’ll keep. You don’t want to be stuck with a style or theme that doesn’t quite have the punch you were going for, so having the freedom to make changes before finalizing the project is always preferable. By giving yourself options rather than committing to something that you haven’t yet tested, you’ll be avoiding the regret and frustration that comes with settling for less than what you had originally envisioned.


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