The 5 Best Apps to Receive Money Online as a Freelancer

The number of freelancers globally has increased over the past few years. And as more people jump onto the independent worker’s bandwagon, the need for reliable payment systems becomes more important. As a freelancer, you need to equip yourself with a money transfer app that suits your needs.

Using a money transfer app can help you work for several clients all over the world and receive payments on time. But there’s the need to identify the right money transfer app all the same. And that is why we shortlisted the following options that you can consider when making a decision.

Whether you’re carrying out your operations through Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, or any other freelance website online, connecting it to a money transfer app will help you get your payments easily when you withdraw your earnings. Have all of your questions answered here with this selection of apps that you can use. And it doesn’t matter even if you’re working alone, without using a freelance platform. The right app will be there for you when you need effective payments. So, in no order of merit, here are 5 of the best apps that you can use to receive money as a freelancer:

PayPal Money Transfer App

PayPal is one of the oldest money transfer app platforms in the world, having come into the market in the 90s. So many freelancers use it as a means of withdrawing their earnings off of freelance platforms. Those who work independently also use it to send invoices to their clients and receive payments for work completed.

With PayPal, you can receive funds internationally, regardless of where you’re working from as a freelancer. The best part about this platform is its security. Over the years, they’ve worked on improving security for their users, and boy have they done this well. With technology such as multi-factor authentication and identity verification, it becomes a lot harder for fraud and scamming through the platform.

PayPal has mobile apps for both Android and Apple users to ensure that you can make and receive payments on the go. You don’t have to use a bank account to open or use an account on PayPal. However, it is preferred so that you can have an added funding source for transactions that you may want to make on the platform.

Afriex Money Transfer App

Though new in the market, Afriex is also a decent option that you can use to receive payments as a freelancer. Their friendly customer service and rates make it an attractive option for independent professionals.

Afriex has also strived to make security a priority for its users. Especially following the many reports of scams and fraud taking place online through money transfer app platforms. This app also has multifactor authentication to make sure that your logins are safe.

With Afriex, you can withdraw as low as a dollar and you get flexibility during your withdrawals. It can operate internationally, hence, you can receive payments from all your clients spread out across the globe.


Yet another option that you can use to receive payments is Payoneer. It is also a fairly old money transfer app, having come into existence back in 2005. It is a safe platform that you can use to send and receive payments globally.

To have an account on this platform, you will only need an email, your phone number, and identification credentials. They take security strictly, thus, you will need to comply with every measure they impose. They are simply out to protect your funds.

The good thing about Payoneer is that its user interface is friendly and accommodative to everyone. This is perhaps the reason why so many freelancers love it. In addition, it is easy to integrate with freelance platforms and websites for easy payments and withdrawals. There’s definitely more ease and freedom with Payoneer.

For every transaction, they collect $3, which is rather fair for freelancers. However, what you need to note with this platform is that their minimum withdrawal is $50. Also, before choosing it as your preferred platform, check if it’s available in your country. It is currently available in 150 countries at the time of this writing.


This is perhaps one of the safest options that you can use to receive funds. It is a third-party platform that clients and freelancers can use to send and receive money respectively. With this platform, you’re assured of payments because the client deposits the agreed contract amount before the project commences. And when you complete it, he or she releases it to you. Freelance platform Upwork uses Escrow.


Last, we have the Skrill money transfer app. You can send and receive funds as a freelancer in 40 different currencies using Skrill. Its low fees and effective customer service attract most freelancers.

Final Thoughts

So, those are 5 of the best money transfer app platforms that you can choose to use as a freelancer. You’re at liberty to analyze all of them carefully and pick the one that serves your needs best.


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