The 411 on my 5 Favourite Designer Brands

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Bursting at the seams with a highly sought after variety of vintage designer brands, I wanted to give you a brief low down on some of my new favourite second hand clothing company, Messina Hembry’s bestselling preloved names! Having selected ten of my most cherished fashion houses, I’ve put them head to head in a battle of the finest. So without further a due, and in no particular order, here is our line-up of the contending fashion houses…*DRUM ROLL PLEASE*


1949 German born sportswear retailer; Adidas, is a global giant for fitness fanatics and street conscious urbanites. Providing some of the world’s most iconic active wear, the Adidas brand has created fashionable and practical footwear, clothing and accessories for generations of gym goers. Adidas is in the perfect position for first place.


Established in 1865, Burberry is a British heritage brand infamous for the checked tartan pattern we saw adorned on caps and scarves in the early 2000s. Now renowned for its high profile celebrity endorsed campaigns (Emma Watson, Kate Moss, and Cara Delevigne to name a few) and stunning trench coats – distinctively lined with the tartan – Burberry is the epitome of British luxury. A strong contender for providing authentic, vintage deluxe.


Calvin Klein is a self-titled billion dollar American designer brand that launched in 1968. Providing the casual clique with sports deluxe inspired underwear, jeans, clothing and fragrance, Calvin Klein is a controversially notorious brand for its sexualised advertising campaigns and provocative tag lines. Feel inKLEINed to let Calvin join the race?


Powerful and elegant, Armani is a brand of tailored precision. Established in Italy in 1975, founder Georgio Armani created a revolutionary brand of men’s and women’s suits – becoming iconography for ‘success’ amongst businessmen. Looking to expand Armani’s empire? Click on the name!


Named after a British championship winning tennis player, Fred Perry boosted to popularity in the 1960’s; iconic for emblazoning polo shirts, jumpers and tennis dresses with the laurel wreath. Suitable for the mods of the era, the sportswear brand took off as a fashionable retailer – making easy day-to-night outfits consisting of the classic white tennis shirt worn casually on its own, or sharpened up with a slick blazer. Shall we let the famous tennis brand score a deuce? Or win a Love game?

The moral of the story with all of these brands isn’t ‘slow and steady wins the race’, but that there is something out there for everyone; whether you’re active and are looking for classic Adidas or Nike Tee’s to pump some iron in, or whether your classically motivated by the heritage of Harris Tweed for your country outings – at Messina you’ll find a preloved piece to suit your pursuits!


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