The 3 Omega Watches That Are Among the Fashion Favorites

omega watches

Omega is one of the few legendary luxury watch brands worldwide. In the watchmaking industry, its name is synonymous with success and exclusivity. It is on par with Rolex in terms of popularity and historical achievements. It manufactured some of the pieces used by famous personalities for their land, space, and underwater explorations. Additionally, they have timeless and luxurious designs that will never go out of style.

There are a lot of people that are hesitant to purchase from the brand, not because they don’t trust it, but because they feel overwhelmed with the wide range of options. In order to genuinely appreciate Omega watches, you first have to understand its company history including how it started and how it reached the pinnacle of success. After that, we will also mention some of the watch models that are among the style and fashion favorites!

How did the Omega company start?

In the first few years of the Omega Company, it carried the name, Louis Brandt & Frere. For three decades, it remained a modest business under the founder named Louis Brandt. When he died, his sons inherited the company and made significant contributions to its growth. They manufactured the first mass-produced caliber called Labrador in 1885 and followed by the first-minute repeating timepiece. The most notable achievement of the brothers is when they launched the 19-line Omega caliber which caused major changes in the watchmaking industry. Because of its success, they changed the company name to Omega Watch & Co.

An exact time for life as Omega’s slogan

During the 19th and 20th centuries, the watchmaking industry had a hard time manufacturing precise mechanical watches. To address this problem, the Observatory conducted trials to determine the precision of the watches offered to the market. Several watches underwent rigorous tests, including those made by the greatest manufacturers. The one with the highest precision would enjoy publicity rights. To Omega’s surprise, it won first prize in six categories and made several world records. The company proved that it lived up to the slogan of “exact time for life”.

Omega watch as the first watch on the moon

When NASA implemented a Mercury program flight, they allowed their astronauts to use Omega Speedmaster. After the program, they requested NASA to have official watches that they could wear during training and flight. Hence, the organization asked their newly hired group of engineers to evaluate, test, and certify timepieces made by famous watch manufacturers including Omega. It aimed to determine which company was best suitable and capable of producing watches that can withstand extreme conditions. On March 1, 1969, NASA finally announced that the company that qualified for space missions was Omega. It was the brand that produced the first watch that reached the moon, as worn by Buzz Aldrin.

Omega became the official timekeeper in the Angeles Olympics

Throughout the years, Omega never fails to prove the reliability of its timepieces. Because of this, it became responsible for measuring time in more than 16 sporting competitions. Besides that, the Los Angeles Olympics announced in 1932 that the watch company would be its official timekeeper. Nowadays, the event requires several professional timekeepers and trained volunteers to accurately and precisely tell the time for each competition.

Omega watches that are among the fashion favorites

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

The company manufactured this model in partnership with Good Planet. They promised the public that they will use a portion of the generated income from this watch mode to fund “Time for the Planet”. If you want to contribute to the fight against climate disruption in your own little ways, then purchase it now. It comes with a white dial encased in a 38.5 mm round case made from titanium material. You can easily see its omega caliber 8500 through the transparent back case. You can use it for over two days after completely winding it. In terms of water resistance, it can withstand minor spills but it can’t survive in underwater activities like snorkeling and diving. You can have it for only $4 800.

Omega Speedmaster 311.

The 311. model is under the Omega Speedmaster collection which contains the first watch that ever reached the moon. It has a black dial with luminous silver-tone hands and indexes that will allow you to read the time of the day even if you are in a dark place. To protect the dial from adverse conditions, the company enclosed it in a stainless steel round case with a solid back. It is relatively larger than the previous model measuring 42 mm. The Omega Caliber 1861 allows it to have a power reserve of 48 hours. For only $6 175, you will not just have an accessory that can tell the time but can also perform the function of a stopwatch.

Omega Constellation

The Omega Constellation has a classy appearance that every woman would want to have. It features a 24 mm round case with a solid back made from stainless steel material. The material used to create a comfortable band is rose gold stainless steel. The mother-of-pearl dial comes with diamond indexes and rose gold-tone hands coated in a brushed finish. Inside the watch is the Omega Caliber 1376 that is durable enough to last for years to come. Once you purchase this, you can already use it for a maximum of 48 months without the need to recharge. Lastly, it is resistant to water with a depth of 100 m so you can wear it during your adventures beneath the land. Despite its great features, it has a relatively affordable price tag which is $3,723.

In Conclusion

Omega has a long experience in watchmaking that allowed it to occupy a special place in the industry. Its designs, craftsmanship, and quality are nothing short of perfection. Get your watch from this brand on before it runs out of stock!

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