The 3 Best Interactive Sex Toys for Men and Couples

We have been masturbating for as long we have had genitals, but, like so many other industries, modern technology has completely changed the ball game. Out with boring old hands and in with some of the best new interactive sex toys.

Here we look at some of the most cutting-edge interactive male sex toy and couples products available at the moment.

1. KIIROO Onyx+ & Pearl2

What these nifty VR sex toys do is allow you to partner up with someone long-distance. This means you can have sex with anyone, even if they’re on the other side of the planet, which makes it perfect for long distance couples or to hook up with any one of your choice.

This Kiiroo Onyx+ & Pearl2 Set toy is probably our favorite when it comes to couples’ toys. This state of the art set is simply a star of modern technology. What it does is to combine an internal vibrator with a stroker. This means that you and your partner can have the feeling of real sex, no matter where in the world you are.

When you penetrate its stroker, the vibrator on the other side picks this up and buzzes, so your partner will feel your every thrust. We can’t think of a better long distance couples masturbation toy. That’s until someone can invent a teleportation device. It costs around $289 and is available from the manufacturer’s own website.

2. Titan

If you are looking for a stroker toy that you can sync up with your favorite porn, this is a very good option. Use it alone and experience the different speeds and modes, connect it to your partners’ toy and feel each other movement trough the vibrations.

This product is powered by Kiiroo and is a real game changer as it combines its stroking pleasure expertise with state of the art Bluetooth technology. What this means is that you can expect a similar sensation as what the actor in your porn is experiencing. We really like this high tech tool, and it is available for approximately $149.

3. Autoblow AI

This sex toy is the very definition of the term interactive high tech sex toy. As the name suggests, it allows you the sensation of having a blow job, and you can hook it to a computer. Once hooked up, you can use this nifty hands free unit to allow for a very real blow job experience. It comes pre-programmed with sixteen different blowjob sensations courtesy of its internal motor. The sensations are very realistic as they have invented it based on data they collected from actual porn videos.

Overall it offers you a fleshlight combined with a porn star’s mouth. One thing to note, though, is that this gadget is not battery-operated, so you will need to plug it in. However, it does have a long cord, so you’re not restricted to sitting next to a plug socket. It costs $219.96 on the manufacturer’s website.

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